5 Email Features You Never Knew You Needed

5 Email Features You Never Knew You Needed

When it comes to exchanging information throughout the business world, email is the number one source of communication. In fact, today’s business culture truly is email centric, with 86% of professionals naming email as their preferred means of business communication. Additionally, globally, 269 billion emails are sent each day and there are currently over 3.7 billion email users worldwide. According to Wordstream, “it’s estimated that by the end of 2021 over 316 billion emails will be sent each day and there will be 4.1 billion email users.” 

Because email is mission-critical to business communication, it is vital to understand the enhanced email features available in the market and what they can provide for your company. Some email platforms may even have tools that you didn’t know existed! In this blog, we will highlight five email features from Nordic IT’s reMark email application you may never have known you needed. 

1.Advanced Search Folders

With the number of emails received and sent daily, it is easy to miss critical messages if your inbox is inundated with spam and other irrelevant emails that can be addressed at a later time. When a vital email arrives, it is critical to be able to find it without delay. With reMARK’s advanced search folders, your inbox can be an efficient streamline of only the emails that matter.  The functionality built into the application is such that it enables a user to set criteria based on the exact content you are looking for, even if that content is located in an attachment. Highly customizable, the advanced search folder feature will ensure you never miss another essential email again.

2.Transparency through Team Overview

When your team is working on important messages to customers and prospects it is critical that everyone stays on the same page.  With the team overview feature in the reMARK application, you have the ability to see who has opened, forwarded, printed, deleted, edited, received, linked, filed or commented on an email! This provides both leaders and fellow employees transparency and analytics like you’ve never seen before, showcasing exactly what’s happening with your company’s business email transactions. Once you start taking advantage of these insights, you won’t be able to live without them.

3. Collaborative Messaging within Emails

According to Forbes, “on average employees check their email 36 times an hour which amounts to 288 times a day for an eight-hour workday. To make matters worse it takes employees around 16 minutes to refocus on their tasks after handling email.” Having a high email volume come through your inbox and leave your outbox can sometimes be overwhelming and cause disorganization. Wouldn’t it be nice actually address the e-mails in the inbox rather than sending out yet another email and waiting for a reply?  reMark’s functionality is such that communication can be done through shared and private chats organically built into the messages allowing for rapid communication that doesn’t get missed and limits the noise for all team members, regardless of location.

4. Tagging and To-Do Lists

When receiving thousands of emails to a shared inbox, sometimes a task or request can get swallowed up or forgotten about due to a lack of ownership. To-Do Lists and tagging allow leaders and team members to assign work to each other. This level of accountability and collaboration on every email thread will create incredible efficiency gains which drives revenue and reduces work overlaps. Empowering your teams to assign ownership to each other and manage workflows will stop wasted time reading endless threads that are already owned, actioned and completed. 

5. Creating Tabs inside your Email Platform

The average employee is no longer looking at a single, personal email inbox.  Leadership often expects employees to help manage three or more shared inboxes, multiple calendars and their personal inbox on top of everything else. Constantly checking multiple, noisy, shared inboxes while working in a single window or even worse, multiple windows of the same application, is enough to make anyone feel frustrated. How much happier would employees be if they could open a tab for each inbox, calendar, search requirement and even additional modules?  Employees should be able to see every workflow assigned to them in a single window with a quick keyboard shortcut. No more constantly clicking between mailboxes, calendars, or losing your place to look for an old email. Every company should be looking for applications with advanced features like internal tabs that make employees more efficient and improve the quality-of-life while managing the most frustrating piece to winning. 

These five email features are must-haves when looking to increase operational efficiency, team collaboration and revenue growth. But, they’re not the only four features you might be missing out on. reMARK features rich capabilities in mailing lists, contacts, calendar, templates, storage, hosting, clipboard, short keys, mail merge, workflow management and more. Once you start utilizing these email tools, you’ll realize you can’t live without them. Interested in the reMARK email software? Contact us to schedule a demo today.

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