5 things you can do when you are alone in the office

Being alone at the office sound quite boring. But not anymore – here are 5 things you can only do while everyone else is on vacation.


It is summertime and vacation season is upon us. 


For some of you, this entails that you end up being the only one not on vacation – and you will be alone in the office…


But it’s not all bad. Now is your time to do what ever you want.
Let us provide you with 5 things 
to enjoy, when being the only one not spending you days in a swimmingpool somewhere. 



Cancel Casual Friday – you have the office all to yourself, so why not make it a Casual Week? Use the opportunity to rock your best outfits at work. 



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit at your colleagues desk? Now is your time to live out the dream, and pretend to be whom ever you’d like to be at the office. 



Get things done! This one might seem a little boring. But when is a better time to get work done, than when no one is around to disturb you? And when you colleagues get back you will have time to watch pictures of that little local restaurant they visited in Italy. 




Take control of the lounge furniture. Most companies have comfortable lounge furniture, but let’s face it – it would be pretty awkward to sit in them while all your colleagues are present. So now is your time to put them into use! 



Listen to your favorite music. Being alone can get quite lonely – so create a little background noise with you favorite jam.


Now you are prepared for those long days alone in the office!
Have a great summer. 

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