7 Benefits of reMARK Cloud

Nordic IT’s latest offering, the reMARK cloud, is our latest step forward in our mission to provide advanced email collaboration software for the maritime shipping industry. Previously available only as an on-premise offering, our cloud-based email system is making waves as a proven solution to improve and streamline communication among shipping crews. Here are seven benefits maritime shippers experience when they make the move to reMARK cloud: 

1. Cost Reduction 

Moving your email system to reMARK’s cloud-based email solution facilitates significant cost savings. In addition to enjoying the cost-effectiveness of a subscription pricing model, shipping companies can enjoy reduced expenses traditionally associated with licensing, hardware, and personnel. Moreover, our team handles infrastructure upkeep for you, freeing your team to concentrate on business-critical activities. 

2. Little to No Maintenance Required 

Leave the maintenance to the experts. With reMARK cloud, our team ensures that the back-end infrastructure, along with the email collaboration software itself, remains updated and operational without any heavy lifting on your end. This hands-off approach not only streamlines daily operations but grants shipping businesses the competitive advantage of a system with the latest features and enhancements. 

3. Increased Scalability

Our cloud infrastructure is designed to scale automatically to meet high email volumes. This autonomic scalability ensures that you never encounter performance bottlenecks or have to worry about resource provisioning. With reMARK cloud, your system is perpetually prepared to support your business operations, resulting in improved performance and reliability.

4. Streamlined Implementation 

Nordic IT provides expertise for a seamless transition to the cloud. A streamlined implementation process, along with our team’s close collaboration with your business, ensures that reMARK’s migration plan perfectly aligns with your unique needs and objectives. This thoughtful approach promises a pain-free shift to reMARK cloud services.

5. Leverage All Your Favorite reMARK Tools & Features 

The move to the cloud doesn’t mean leaving behind the classic reMARK tools and features you’ve come to know and love. Users can continue to effortlessly utilize all reMARK features, such as:

  • Smart Folders
  • Search Folders 
  • Categories 
  • Automated 
  • Email Archiving 
  • Comments 
  • Templates
  • Email Filters

6. Email Integration Capabilities 

The reMARK cloud not only maintains all the core functionalities found in the reMARK Gateway but also includes comprehensive API integrations. These integrations enable seamless data exchange, making it easier for reMARK users to manage and analyze their shipping data efficiently. In turn, users can enjoy a streamlined, secure, and flexible environment for their data management needs.

7. Optimize Your Emissions

With the efficiency gains of cloud computing, we are able to generate less emissions from reMARK Cloud than from traditional hosting options. This helps organizations minimize the environmental impact of their digital operations while also reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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A reliable, secure, and efficient cloud-based email system like reMARK is your lighthouse to guide you through demanding maritime communication needs. Now, maritime shippers can enjoy a smoother sailing experience with the reMARK cloud and watch as day-to-day operations take a turn for the better. Connect with Nordic IT and set a course for success with reMARK cloud. Contact Nordic IT today to get started!

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