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Are you maximizing your investment in user experience (UX) by getting nearly 100 times of returns back on your investment?

As more and more of our daily business activities and interactions are centered around digital products, it has never been more important to provide users with coherent and frictionless digital experiences that are aligned with their daily lives. Today’s users expect a lot from business tools, which in many cases mean that optimized user experience is not only a good idea, it is necessary for the sake of successful business practices. Fundamentally, good user experience simplifies complexity, by making the complex simple to use. This defines user experience as how users feel about every interaction they have with the product in the moment they are using it, and how well it serves its purpose. Which means that good user experience is more than just effective digital product design that boosts users and employees’ workflows. It is also good business.

The age of empowered customers
In today’s world of conducting business, users and customers more than ever, have the power to impact and influence businesses’ success. One could say that business products are no longer merely controlled by the business itself. Businesses are operating in an age where customers rule and thereby shaping business strategies. Today’s savvy users of digital products are selective and want products that are efficient and easy to use. Not only do users expect good user-friendly products, they demand high-value digital experiences and users do not care if developing these experiences requires difficult and complex problem-solving technics. Because of this, user experience design has become an important part of customer and user acquisitions, trust and retention. Needless to say, the recognition of user experience is becoming increasingly important in a digital world where competition is growing rapidly. If users do not get immediate value, they will most likely go somewhere else. Keep in mind that your competitors are only a click away!

In the age of empowered employees, successful companies do more than just solve users’ problems and issues. They create an entire experience around their products. By prioritizing your customers’ desires, you are flipping the paradigm, something they will come to appreciate as they see the value you provide. And this will, in the bigger picture, appear on your business’ bottom-line.

Good user experience equals good business
This is a good reason why you should consider the benefits that good user experience may have on your business. One could say that for some businesses, the business case for user experience is a matter of survival. Clever businesses look at their user experience design as a bottom-line investment. Research conducted by Forrester reveals that, on average, every dollar invested in user experience design can yield a return of up to 100 dollars. Additionally, by focusing on the users’ experiences, customers increase their willingness to pay by 14%, reduce their hesitancy to switch to other brands by 16%, and boost their tendency to recommend your product by 17%.
We can all agree that the core technology which lies behind enterprise applications is important. Nevertheless, how a software solution feels and works for the users is crucial. If users do not find it easy to use, adoption will most likely not be efficient and businesses might suffer.

However, it is important to remember that good user experience design is a long-term strategy. To fully maximize the investment put into user experience and for user experience to become an asset for your business, it is not just about meeting customer needs, but to meet them impeccably. This means that there has been an evolution and enhancement in the user experience discipline. More and more businesses have come to realize the significant impact on their bottom-line when products are humanised as a result of equally investing in function to ensure that the product does what it is supposed to, and form that secures an easy user experience which supports an efficient workflow.

User experience as a brand differentiator
Regardless of the industry, product or type of organisation, nearly every business with a digital presence, can benefit from the advantages of impeccable user experience. In the age of empowered customers, customers expect so much more and good user-centered design is one of the most valuable and strong brand differentiators and competitive advantages that a business can create for itself. By making user experience a core part of your business strategy, you can be the exception in the market and gain your customers trust, while at the same time seeing earnest returns on your investments– a win-win situation. So, have you considered lately to which extend your user experience design can affect your business’ bottom-line?

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