Artificial intelligence and how we use it in different industries today


And how we use it in different industries today



Manufacturing was one of the first industries to implement robots in everyday work.
Today, there is around 1,8 million robots operating worldwide.


Today, you do not have to wait for a doctors appointment.
Instead, you can go online to get a diagnosis with the help of an artificial intelligence
health assistant. The most used once are IBM Watson, Your.MD and Ada.


Self-driving cars are right around the corner and are being tested at this very moment
by Google, Tesla and Uber. The cars are estimated to be driving the streets by 2020.

Customer service

Customer service is not what it used to be. And it is now estimated that
by the end of this decade 85% of customers interaction will
no longer require human customer service.


Today, many financial service companies are turning to artificial intelligence
to keep up with the increasing demand. This means that financial advice is becoming automated,
with a growing trend towards ‘robo-advisors’.

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