Benefits of a Shared Inbox

Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication throughout the world. Especially with the continual globalization of the workforce, asynchronous communication is increasingly necessary. Most likely, every organization you are a part of uses business email to keep in touch. By 2025, around 4.6 billion people worldwide will be email users. It’s not going away any time soon. With all the perks of email, there are downsides as well. At times, it can get disorganized and messy. One fundamental way to stay on top of a maritime team email is to create a shared inbox.

Maritime companies often receive high volumes of email–hundreds, if not thousands of inquiries and replies per day. Someone has to respond to those emails, and dealing with that much mail would be a big job for one person. Most likely, a variety of people are seeing and answering emails sent to the company. Unfortunately, it would be a hassle for everyone to reply from their own email address. It is also inconvenient to try to share one email address with one login between a group. Luckily, this is where shared inboxes can save the day!

What Are Shared Inboxes?

A shared inbox is an email inbox that multiple people own. Each user will have their own business email address. Susan will have her usual email address:, while Martin will use When using their individual email account, they will have access to their private inboxes. 

They will also have access to a shared inbox for the team: When Susan logs into her address,, she will be able to send a message from her inbox, and the recipient will see it’s from She can also access the shared inbox to send an email without logging into a different account. The recipient will see that the sender is

Improved Security 

One drawback of simply sharing an email address with several people in the company (without a shared inbox) is that it allows them access without accountability. When multiple users are logging into, sending, and receiving mail from a single account, there is no efficient way of tracking who did what. By using a shared email inbox for teams instead, it is easy to view an individual’s activity within the account. Being able to see what others have done within the account will decrease wrongdoing as well as work overlaps.

Clear Task Delegation

To further eliminate confusion, you can set up emails to automatically be delegated to a certain employee. If Martin is in charge of questions concerning refunds, you can make sure that emails about refunds that are sent to will be assigned to Martin. This capability enables quicker responses and greater efficiency.

Cuts Out the Middleman

Shared inboxes allow you to bypass the middleman. With a shared inbox, you don’t need to stress when co-workers are out of the office. What if Susan is on PTO in the Bahamas, but you urgently need an email that she sent to a supplier? Rather than hunting her down while she’s on her Caribbean vacation, you can simply find the correspondence in your shared inbox. 

Nordic IT & reMARK

Have you decided that shared inboxes are the next step to increase your team’s productivity, security, and efficiency? 

With reMARK, you will have no need to switch between personal and shared inboxes because reMARK offers one single platform where you can manage them both. reMARK allows you to set up an unlimited number of shared inboxes to keep you as organized as possible. 

By utilizing reMARK’s Team Overview functionality, you can collaborate on every email thread to reduce work overlaps and even add tasks directly to a co-worker or team’s to-do list. Shared inboxes are only the beginning of reMARK’s amazing collaborative email capabilities

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