Why reMARK Is The Best Collaborative Email Software For Your Business Team

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reMARK’s Best Collaborative Business Features Having an effective collaborative email software is the key to unlocking productivity in the maritime industry.  Communication is of the utmost importance, and as your inboxes are filled with endless amounts of emails day after day, we’ve all come to the conclusion that there is software that is much better […]

4 Shipping News Sources to Increase Your Maritime Industry Knowledge

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The maritime industry is vast, complex, and ever-changing. Because of this, it is crucial for leaders in this space to remain up-to-date with industry trends and daily news from relevant sources across the globe in order to recognize events occurring in the world and adjust their own actions accordingly. Here are four helpful sources to […]

The History of The Maritime Industry: How Container Shipping Changed The World


The History of The Maritime Industry: How Container Shipping Changed The World Container shipping. It is the backbone of the global economy, moving $4 trillion worth of goods every year – from clothes and food to medicine and heavy machinery. How did we get here, exactly?  According to Ancient Maritime History, the first boats are […]

Celebrating The Maritime Industry on #NationalMaritimeDay

Celebrating The Maritime Industry on #NationalMaritimeDay Each year on May 22, the United States celebrates National Maritime Day to recognize the hard work and dedication of the Maritime Industry.  This holiday was created by the U.S. Congress in 1933 to commemorate the milestone of what happened on this date in 1819 – an American steamship […]