Time is Money: How reMARK Achieves an Impressive ROI

The maritime shipping industry is a vital conduit for global trade, carrying 90% of the world’s goods. As such, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial for companies operating in this industry. With rising fuel costs, increasing competition, and ever-changing regulatory requirements, companies need to find ways to maximize ROI while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Ways Your Existing Email Solution Could Be Slowing You Down

Lack of Capacity to Handle High Email Volume

Maritime shipping companies deal with a massive influx of emails daily. Many existing email platforms struggle to handle this volume, leading to slow loading speeds and frustrating delays.

Slow Loading Speeds

High email volumes can clog up your system, causing lag and inefficiency. A lack of adequate storage exacerbates this issue, further slowing down operations.

Inability to Easily Find Old Emails

Trying to find a specific email in a cluttered inbox is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Users often spend too much time remembering keywords and sifting through emails, hampering productivity.

Organizing Inboxes Hampering Productivity

Manual workflows to organize inboxes are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Important emails can easily fall through the cracks, impacting business operations.

Tedious Email Filing Process

Users need to see specific emails to build their daily workflows. If archived emails are a mess, this can become a daunting task, affecting overall productivity.

Disconnected Data

The inability to seamlessly communicate data between systems can lead to inefficiencies and miscommunication, further slowing down business processes.

reMARK Email Features That Save Time & Produce a ROI

With reMARK, these common email woes become a thing of the past. Here’s how reMARK’s advanced features can save time and generate impressive ROI for maritime shipping companies.

Search Functionality

With reMARK’s advanced search tool, searching for emails is now effortless. Users no longer have to guess search terms or waste time, as they can quickly retrieve emails from high-volume inboxes. The reMARK platform also allows users to save preferred searches, making it easier to access critical data without knowing precisely where it’s stored. In turn, shipping companies benefit from increased productivity and faster decision-making.

Smart Folders

reMARK’s Smart Folders feature transforms email organization from a tedious, manually driven process to a streamlined and automated task. Users can automatically file emails based on predefined criteria, significantly reducing manual effort. Plus, with three different types of folders available, organizing and sorting emails becomes a hassle-free process. Overall, this feature ensures that essential information is always accessible, facilitating productive workflows and saving valuable time to dedicate to other critical tasks.

Email Filters & Categories

Managing high volumes of incoming and outgoing emails is essential in the shipping industry. reMARK’s email filters and categories eliminate the tediousness of organizing your inbox and minimize the possibility of errors. Users can prioritize important shipping information, automate workflows, and easily manage, categorize, and filter emails. This ensures that critical data is always at your fingertips, enhancing operational efficiency.

Deduplication & Shared Inboxes

A high volume of emails requires an optimized storage method. In reMARK, all emails are deduplicated on both the filing and inbox levels and displayed intelligently anywhere the user needs to see them. Additionally, a shared inbox is shared with the exact same content available to everyone with access, including read-by status, comments, replies, and filing actions. This, in turn, provides a comprehensive view of all the work that has already been carried out.

Open API

reMARK’s open email API is a powerful tool that allows users to streamline processes, track production performance, and collect pertinent information. It seamlessly integrates with customized applications tailored to specific needs, offering high flexibility and extensibility. This feature helps maritime companies adjust to changing market dynamics, optimize operational efficiency, and identify areas for cost improvement. By automating manually intensive tasks, reMARK’s open API can significantly reduce operational overheads, contributing to a robust ROI.

Contact Nordic IT & Realize the ROI Potential of reMARK

In the maritime shipping industry, every minute counts, and reMARK proves to be a vital tool in enhancing operational efficiency. Its advanced features not only streamline communication but also significantly boost productivity, ensuring a remarkable return on investment.

Contact Nordic IT today to learn more about how reMARK can transform your email collaboration and propel your business forward.

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