Top 3 Characteristics to Consider When Choosing an Email Solution

In today’s fast-paced workplace, every minute spent communicating with colleagues, partners, customers, and prospects counts. The shipping industry specifically is a high-volume email environment that requires streamlined and efficient communication for smooth sailing. 

While email can be a useful all-purpose communication tool, it can also be a time-consuming and tedious way to distribute information when you aren’t equipped with the proper tools.

How well your team works together and communicates with each other is ultimately determined by the email software that is chosen. Various characteristics should be taken into consideration when searching for an email solution for your maritime team, and we’ve listed the top 3 below. 

Collaborative Tools

A collaborative email software can save maritime teams a significant amount of time, help avoid miscommunication, and increase transparency and trust. No more forwarding emails, no more CCs or BCCs, and no more maintaining old email accounts for historical data. With collaborative email software, you can simplify inboxes, collaborate on every email thread, and reduce work overlaps.

The ability to set up an unlimited number of shared inboxes between colleagues and teams makes it simple to keep all emails in one place where everyone can access them. Shared inboxes also allow you to see who has read, responded to, or taken any action on a specific email thread, which eliminates work overlaps or missed messages.

While collaborative email tools are key for streamlining business processes and transactions, you will also want to find an email solution that can save team members time.

Time Saving Tools

Time saving tools like automation makes the handling of large volumes of emails much easier and quicker. With the right email software, you can create email filters that help you prioritize emails of relevance and see the most important information first. You can also utilize automated email archiving functionality to auto-filter emails into predefined folders.

Another one of the most convenient components of a collaborative email software is an integrated comment function. The ability to share emails and comments with team members in real-time allows for faster communication and ultimately reduces the overall number of emails being sent and the amount of time it takes to send them. 

General email software programs typically have a single search bar with a very slow load speed, so you will also want to look for an email solution with advanced search functionality. With advanced search folders, you can find the exact email, attachment, contact or term that you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Maritime-Specific Email Solution

Last but not least, your email solution needs to be able to support and scale with your maritime team. Generic email systems are one of the most suitable and cost-effective ways to deal with relatively low numbers of emails for smaller shipping companies; however, as shipping companies grow, it becomes more challenging to manage large volumes of email efficiently.

Maritime-specific email solutions like reMARK from Nordic IT bring special features and capabilities to ensure optimized use of your communication structure and add real value to your business. As a shipowner, charterer, operator, etc., you rely upon a dependable email solution to ensure reliable ship-to-shore communication.

Empowering your team to work together productively is essential to see success, and it starts with providing the tools they need to communicate effectively. You can contact us today to learn more about other characteristics to look for in a potential email solution.

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