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About CLdN Cobelfret

CLdN is a worldwide logistics specialist for shipping by sea, road, and rail. RO-RO handles their shortsea services, CARGO does door-to-door logistics, C.RO Ports is the terminal operator, and the part that Nordic IT helps with is CLdN COBELFRET, the bulk shipping operations.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, CLdN COBELFRET is a leading global bulk shipping operator that is highly active in various sectors. COBELFRET specializes in the worldwide transportation of over 50 million tons of coal, iron ore, bauxite, and other dry bulk products every year. 

COBELFRET holds high-value freight contracts with some of the world’s biggest industrial and mineral groups, and Nordic IT is happy to help with their email efficiency and communication to facilitate those relationships.

“We were looking at various email solutions, but once we saw the demo with all of the features and the price, it was a done deal. We were very quickly convinced of the MARK5 system.”

– Tim Broos
   Senior Project Manager


COBELFRET Outgrew Microsoft Outlook

Originally, the COBELFRET team was using Microsoft Outlook as their email system. As is the norm in the maritime industry, COBELFRET deals with a high volume of incoming and outgoing email communications daily. With constantly growing email content, came the need for users to be more careful about the amount of storage being used by their mailbox. 

Many COBELFRET employees found that they would eventually reach their file storage limit and would no longer be able to send or receive any further emails. Another problem the COBELFRET team faced was the slowness of Outlook’s filing and search functions. Because the system had grown so big, they started to notice colleagues’ computers slowing down when multiple people were interacting with the system. Ultimately, COBELFRET’s email infrastructure outgrew Microsoft Outlook’s capabilities.

The Search For an Email Solution

COBELFRET was looking for a system where they could continue to archive the thousands of emails they received each day but still have access to them at a quick notice. They were also looking for the ability to quickly search through those emails to extract all relevant information.

The COBELFRET team found themselves wasting multiple hours every week due to email inefficiencies that hindered their overall communication and collaboration capabilities and they were looking for a collaborative email software to improve that.

As we got further into the Outlook system, it got slower and slower, and ultimately made working together and collaborating more complicated.

-Tim Broos
  Senior Project Manager


The Nordic IT team gave a demonstration of MARK5’s capabilities to COBELFRET 3 years before they decided to come aboard Nordic. While the team as a whole was very keen of MARK5, they were not yet ready to make the transition at that time. 

A few years after that initial meeting, COBELFRET came across one of their affiliate companies that had recently implemented MARK5 and were reintroduced to it. After taking a second look, they reached out to the Nordic IT team for a second presentation, and from there MARK5 was quickly implemented across the COBELFRET network.

Step one of getting the COBELFRET team transitioned onto the MARK5 system was to train a few superusers within the COBELFRET offices that would be using it. They found that the system itself was very intuitive and that most of their team was able to pick up the system in no time. Any additional questions were met with quick responses, and it was all very efficient.


With MARK5 fully implemented, COBELFRET has found the process of handling hundreds of emails every day to be going much smoother and more efficient. MARK5’s smart folders, filters, workflows, and permissions helped to conveniently combine everything down to one inbox that the COBELFRET team could use to run the daily operations for their bulk shipping sector. MARK5 can save each user 5-8 hours a week, which has ultimately caused an overall improvement in the team’s workflow speed and efficiency. 

With a flexible fleet size, COBELFRET needs an email software that can be just as flexible. They can now find an exact email, attachment, contact, or term in a split second with MARK5’s advanced search capabilities. MARK5’s customizable email filters prioritize and present only the content relevant to them and help to streamline communication. The COBELFRET team can now fly through thousands of emails without missing any critical information. 

COBELFRET also loves that the mobile app gives them convenient access to all of their projects and emails while on the go. The COBELFRET team finds themselves using it every day to collaborate on email threads, leave internal messages, and retrieve important information.

“In the past, when I would try to update colleagues about the positions of 50 ships, it would take me about 3-4 hours. Now with MARK5, it takes me less than an hour.”

– Tim Broos
   Senior Project Manager

COBELFRET’S Favorite reMARK Features


COBELFRET can set up an unlimited number of folders to keep up with their evergrowing email content


COBELFRET users can go back more than 10 years to search through thousands of emails in just a few seconds

Mobile App

The mobile app helps keep the COBELFRET team connected and productive while on-the-go

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