The history of email: the 00s

The history of email

00s: The great times are fading away

Email accounts

In the 00s, Google released their own take on email called Gmail. Along with the release, the number of email accounts continued to grow rapidly all the way through the decade.

Other messaging options

Even though email seemed like a never ending success story, the communication form was threatened by numerous of other messaging forms that entered the market in the 00s. Different messaging possibilities such as SMS, social media and messaging applications were all winning more and more impact in consumers’ way of communicating and interacting with each other – and in some situations replaced email. So where email was the most preferred way of communicating in the 90s, the 00s became the decade, where consumers used various forms of messaging for different communication purposes.

The preferred communication tool in business

Despite countless competitors, today, email is still the preferred way of communicating for business purposes. Even though users use skype for video calls with relatives abroad, SMS for everyday communication with friends and Facebook for group chats, email is most often used for business purposes, as it has a slightly more serious tone than other messaging options, perfectly suited for business. And that is exactly why Nordic IT has developed reMARK: email software to support business teams. We hope you enjoyed the story.

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