How to automatically filter emails

Within large enterprises, big amounts of data come naturally. And with email being the primary tool of communication in business settings, it goes without saying, that inboxes that contain and receive 100’s of emails every day quickly can become a strain. A strain that can make it hard to categorize and distinguish between new emails received, important emails and all the emails in between. Perhaps, you are spending a lot of time on drag and drop functionality when trying to organize the many emails in your inbox. Luckily, there are methods you can use to optimize the way you are sorting and structuring your emails while at the same time improving the time you spend on reading and handling emails. Or better yet, what if an intelligent automatic filtering system, as an alternative to drag and drop email, is able to do the sorting for you?

Drag and drop vs. filtering

If you receive a limited amount of emails every day, drag and drop functionality is a fairly easy way to quickly divide and sort emails into different folders and in this way keep your inbox nicely organized. However, drag and drop is a manual process where you must decide in which folder to put the email and then return to the folder later to handle and respond to the email. When manually dragging and dropping emails into folders you can easily, by mistake, drop an email into the wrong folder, making it hard to retrieve the email later.
Many also have a tendency to prioritize and read new emails first and replying to them quickly even though there are more important emails to reply to and also other important tasks to do. When filtering emails you can put received emails into groups or categories according to importance or the sender of the email. By automatic filtering and prioritizing your emails you will most likely feel less email-dependent. Compared to drag and drop functionality, filtering emails might seem more comprehensive in the beginning. It, requires a little effort and time to define the filters, but you will quickly learn the principles and find that automatic sorting of email helps you become more structured when handling the incoming mails. In the long run, it will save you a lot of time spent on emails especially when you receive large amounts every day.

From drag and drop to automatic filtering

Without a doubt, email users that receive a large number of emails every day will benefit from using automatic filtering. As workflows become more and more complex (across several industries), users demand specific functions that can help optimize their workflow. Which is why perhaps the drag and drop email functionality is moving towards automatic filtering – giving users the possibility to set up functionality that fit their exact needs.

In contrast to dragging and dropping emails into folders, MARK5 has a unique automatic filtering system, suitable for high volume email. This functionality helps you work more efficiently by organizing and prioritizing emails, projects, contacts and customers. The overview filters out any irrelevant information and gives you unlimited opportunities for automatic filtering in MARK5. Through automatic filtering the user can constantly set up an unlimited number of filters that prioritize, organize and sort the received emails for you. This also means that over time you can build up more and more detailed filters that fit your specific needs and demands – giving you the opportunity to work more efficiently and at the same time being in control of your inbox.

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Current MARK5 clients within the maritime industry use the automatic filtering system as an alternative to drag and drop and have thereby optimized their work flow. An example of this is chemical tanker operator, Team Tankers International, who uses MARK5 for emails. By choosing MARK5 and using automatic filtering of emails, the company’s employees have saved 1-2 hours per day filing emails. Which means that MARK5 not only provided Team Tankers International with a new email system, it has also helped implementing a new way of working. Instead of dragging and dropping emails into folders, the company now uses MARK5 to filter received emails into specific predefined folders. Received emails automatically land in the right folder, thereby providing employees with categorized and prioritized emails to which they can start replying to immediately. This automatic sorting of email process allows employees the possibility to focus on key business processes and achieve higher performance without having to spend time dragging and dropping email into folders.

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Communicate efficiently

Automatic filtering of emails is not just functionality in your email client; it is a different way of working. It is important to remember that email is designed to be a tool to help you communicate efficiently with others – handling of email should not be the work itself. Which is why Nordic IT is specialized in optimizing email management, so you can focus on your own key business processes and your customers, by giving you an alternative to drag and drop email that can filter your emails automatically.

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