How to search your inbox efficiently

Searching and trying to retrieve emails, is often a very difficult and time consuming process. Especially, when searching in inboxes that consists of hundreds of emails, which is often the case in a maritime setup. In a maritime business where the increasing amount of data and incoming emails seem to be never ending, it is important that you have an email application with advanced search functionality, that lets you search your email efficiently in order to retrieve emails and find what you are looking for instantly. All email clients have search bars, however in the maritime industry the basic search functionality, that you find in standard email solutions, might not always be enough. Therefore, below are ways in which the search functionality in reMARK can help email users in the maritime industry to search more efficiently.

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Forget basic search keywords

Most email clients use prefix matching. This means that the email client matches emails or messages that begin with the word you have typed. Depending on the word you are searching, doing a basic search in your inbox may cause even more irrelevant and unrelated emails to be shown. For example, maybe you have tried searching for the word present, only to find that it does not give you the email and result you wanted. Instead, emails with the words; present, presents, presentation etc. are shown. In order to avoid this in traditional email clients, you will have to put the word you are searching for in quotations or use different search keywords to narrow down your search. However, in reMARK you do not need search keywords to the same extent. In the reMARK search bar you can type keywords from different categories such as fromsubjectdate/time, to at the same time. This means that you can perform a search using for example keywords from the subject and date categories and easily find relevant emails without having to remember precise search keywords.

No need for archiving

Due to reMARK’s advanced search functionality, there is no need for archiving. You will always be able to find emails since you can search across folders in the reMARK system. This even works if you have huge numbers of emails received over the last couple of years. It is possible to do effective and advanced search within a massive amount of mails and it can be done fast. reMARK gives you a unique search possibility across your mail inbox, folders, calendars, and contacts. This means you can search for the information you are looking for without knowing precisely where it is stored. It is easy to find for example an email address of a customer, a subject discussed with a colleague or an inquiry from a potential new customer.  In a few seconds you will have found the information you are looking for without having to search in several folders because you have forgotten where the mail is stored. Adding everything together, reMARK gives you an email search function which is much more efficient compared to traditional email systems.

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Save your searches

You probably know the situation where you need to redo an email search but you have forgotten the precise search you did to find a specific email. In reMARK previous search formulas can be stored and it is easy to find a search formula and perform it again days or weeks later. reMARK also allows you to have multiple searches running while you continue your work elsewhere.


Make sure to have an app with good search functionality

Since searching our email inboxes is something we do frequently, it is necessary that efficient search functionality is available to smartphones and tablets as well. reMARK has an app that allows you to search just as detailed and fast as the desktop version. In this way, you are able to search for emails on the go using your smartphone or tablet as effectively as if you were in your office. Using the search function in reMARK or the associated mobile app, you can perform a number of smart search criteria and easily find what you are looking for.

The reMARK search functionality is more advanced compared to traditional email applications, and it gives you significant advantages on a daily basis. You save time when searching for emails received or sent and you do not need to put emails in a huge number of folders to find them later. Also, due to the advanced search function, there is no need to archive emails as often as you need to in a traditional email system. Overall reMARK can hold massive amounts of emails while still being easy to work with and you will quickly discover how the search functionality is beneficial for maritime email users.


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