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About Maersk Broker

Founded in 1914, Maersk Broker is a leading shipbroking company with global market coverage and over a century of experience. They operate within all sizes and segments of tonnage, and cater globally to all shipbroking requirements from ship owners, charterers and shipbuilders to financial institutions and banks.

As one of the world’s largest international ship brokerages, Maersk Broker employs around 240 brokers and staff at their 17 offices across the world. They have offices in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Taipei and many other countries worldwide. 

The Problem 

With their previous email system, Maersk Broker was experiencing issues with filing emails. Manual archiving was taking hours each day, and they were looking for a solution that was more technologically up-to-date. Another problem? Many of their team members had previously used reMARK at other companies they worked for in the past, and they were proclaiming that they wanted it back! 

The Search For an Email Solution

The search for a new email solution was part of Maersk Broker’s digital transformation as a company. From a technological perspective, they needed to find an email software that was capable of following the progress they had made with Microsoft. They wanted their emails to be based on the workflow they built in Microsoft, but they wanted to change the server and have a more powerful email software that could handle thousands of emails each day. 

With reMARK’s ability to mimic a workflow from any previous existing software, in addition to the keen recommendations from the reMARK advocates at Maersk Broker, the decision was made to switch their email software to reMARK.

I don’t consider Nordic IT as a vendor, I consider them as a partner”

Bo Steen Nyegaard, Director, Head of IT at Maersk Brokers

The Company Roll-Out

As a team, Maersk Broker management sat down, made a project plan, and started off by having workshops with each department around the globe, explaining that they were introducing a new email system. They analyzed what was good and bad about their current email system, and decided what parts of their email workflow they wanted to transfer to the reMARK email system.

Together with Maersk Broker, Nordic IT held training sessions all over the world, adapting the sessions for each department and their needs. It was mandatory for all users to attend the training sessions, and as soon as they finished their training, they implemented the new reMARK system while it was fresh in their memory. 

Members of the Maersk Broker IT department have been further trained to become a ‘power user’ so the staff has an internal expert who they can get help from.

How reMARK Solved Maersk Broker’s Email Problems

reMARK has improved time management and email efficiency for many departments across the company. Now that emails are automatically filed into relevant folders for each team, they can focus on and prioritize the emails that are important to them. 

In addition, reMARK has allowed for more collaboration across teams at Maersk Broker – using the team overview feature, they can now allocate tasks to each other, and know exactly who has opened, read, and responded to emails. 

Also, the mobile app has come in very handy for the Maersk broker team, as this wasn’t something they had with their previous software. When they’re out of the office and need to work on emails, they can work away and it will be immediately synced with the desktop.

“I have been most pleased with the cooperation with Nordic IT. The transfer to reMARK was flawless, training of staff excellent, and subsequent service has been living up to our very high expectations. So all in all, a very successful transformation for Maersk Broker which has been highly appreciated by the staff.”

Henrik Franck, Chief Operating Officer at Maersk Brokers

Maersk Broker’s Favorite Email Features

Mobile application

Helpful because the team is usually on the go, especially pre-covid!


Creating custom folders and setting smart words and automatically filing emails.


Automated email filters that helps Maersk prioritize emails of relevance.


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