Why Millennials and Baby Boomers are a great workforce

Even though Millennials are defined as the lazy and entitled generation and the Baby Boomers as the obstinate and disconnected generation, they can actually both benefit from each other. We often read, hear or listen that one or the other generation is slandered. But why? Is this an arbitrary decision? Imagine the possibilities if, instead of battling, rivals would come together and combine their strengths to form one unified workforce. It may not be the most prominent match, but Millennials and Baby Boomers actually make great teammates. Unfortunately, companies tend to overlook a valuable opportunity, in putting together a team that benefits from a combination of the two generations.

Similar in differences

The main differences between these two generations are that; Millennials are believed to be the most tech-savvy people and have entered the workforce with more experience than any other generation before them. They know how to use social media to leverage opportunities and are also regarded as being the most enthusiastic about their jobs. On the downside, they are not considered to be good team players, hardworking or a productive part of their organization. On the contrary, the Baby Boomers rank highest when it comes to being a productive part of their organization. They are hardworking, good team players and they are good at mentoring others. On the other hand, they are ranked as the lowest when it comes to being adaptable and collaborative.

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Strengthen each other’s weaknesses

In spite of their differences, the two generations should be given equal attention even though the Millennial generation are overshadowing the Boomers in both size and spending power. The tech-savvy Millennials make valuable allies for Baby Boomers, who only need a little help navigating the quickly advancing digital realm. In reality, the Baby Boomers do not refuse to use technology or lack enthusiasm for it, but perhaps need training. In contrast, the productivity and work ethic of the Baby Boomer generation perfectly compliments the Millennials passion, enthusiasm and willingness to take risks. Baby Boomers would make up ideal mentors and leaders for Millennials, since they have accrued remarkable industry expertise, whiles the Millennials have less specialized experience but an eagerness and willingness to learn. Also, Millennial generation’s push for greater life balance provides Baby Boomers with greater access to technology. This enables Baby Boomers to work from home or enjoy flexible scheduling as they grow older and develop a greater passion for life outside the office.

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Mix generation

In so, if the above scenarios can be realized, the generations could achieve great success in business and philanthropy together.  Each generation bring something to the table, and that should be respected and valued. The Millennials bring new ideas and the Baby Boomers bring their experience. Also, each generation is said to expand in the coming years and therefore, it is necessary for Baby Boomers and Millennials who have warring views on each other to actually work together. By combining the weakness and strengths of both generations, the result is an accomplished team with diversity and excellent working relationship.

However, it is up to the companies to balance the needs of Millennials and Baby Boomers. Companies should not worry who to hire next because of their abilities and adaption in the company, but have employees from different age groups work together. Not only can the generations benefit by working together, but also companies by teaming them up. Companies can save time on induction training, where the baby Boomers, who are extremely skilled, easily can provide instruction to the Millennials, who will require a certain amount of direction and supervision, because of their relatively new introduction to the workforce. By talking the right language to these two very different generations and if the generations are properly managed in an organization, the combination of Baby Boomers and Millennials can become a true blessing for the future.

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