Mirela Omerspahic: how my 9-5 job at Nordic IT allows me to reach my goals

At Nordic IT we are a very diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, responsibilities and areas of expertise. Read further to get an insight into how Mirela Omerspahic, Office Administrator at Nordic IT, balances her private life with her job at Nordic IT and her visions towards the future.

A coincidental start

Mirela started at Nordic IT nine years ago as an office trainee with specialization in administration. However, this was not originally her plan. Initially, she wanted to become an accountant. Instead of taking a sabbatical year until starting her education, she decided to take the job right after high school. But, accounting is a very time-consuming job that did not align with her wish to start a family. As the years went by and she continued to grow and found her job at Nordic IT very satisfying, her private life also developed and the wish to start a family seemed more desirable. Which is why her job at Nordic IT turned out to fit her quite well: “You could say, coincidently joining Nordic IT was the right choice for me, because in this position I am able to balance my professional and private life. My 9-5 job suits my lifestyle by allowing me the time I need to reach my daily goals.” Mirela explains.

Because of choosing a 9-5 job, one could say that Mirela has adapted her work life to her private life, where others may have conversely adapted their private life to their work life. In this way she has prioritized her family life. However, her job at Nordic IT is very important to her: “I feel very attached to the company, because I was so young when I first started. I have grown with Nordic IT and I do not just consider my job as a job.” Mirela emphasizes. When talking to Mirela it quickly becomes obvious, that she is genuinely happy with the position she is in and therefore it is important to her that she is performing in a manner that keeps Nordic IT functioning internally to the highest standards.

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The best of both worlds

As for the future, Mirela does not have any specific long-term plans or visions towards any other education or career path, because she is where she wants to be regarding a successful professional and private life. But with that being said, her personal vision is to continually develop and challenge herself within her job and the position that she is in right now at Nordic IT, while at the same time, being able to accomplish her goals towards maintaining a happy and functional family life. “I feel that my job at Nordic IT allows me to do this, which is why I am equally happy, satisfied and proud of what I do and where I am today. Being able to balance my professional and private life to a degree that supports and fits my everyday life is essential to me.” Mirela says. In this way, Mirela feels that she gets the best of both worlds and she would not have it any other way.

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