Mylaki Shipping Agency is a market leader of commercial activities for crude oil and petroleum products in Greece. Since its founding in 1982, Mylaki has established itself as a renowned and trusted shipping agency for some of the most reputable ship owners, traders, and charters.

The Mylaki Shipping Agency receives at least 1,000 port calls every year between Greece and Cyprus, and their network of employees must be able to efficiently and effectively communicate across various channels.

Mylaki’s goal is to open new routes for shipping activities in Greece and set higher standards for the service they provide their clients. With MARK5, they can answer emails faster, cut costs, drive revenue, and ultimately focus on servicing their customers.



Microsoft Outlook Hindered Mylaki’s Team Efficiency

Before using MARK5, Mylaki was utilizing Microsoft Outlook as their email provider. The Microsoft servers and products were not designed to be used in groups or with shared mailboxes. With Microsoft Outlook, Mylaki felt that they were unable to work effectively as a team. Microsoft Outlook lacked the visibility and transparency Mylaki needed to communicate as they were never able to see who had opened, read, or replied to certain email threads and folders.

When working with the Microsoft servers, Mylaki also found that each message was multiplied per user, and was ultimately overwhelming their limited server space. The Mylaki team figured it was finally time to transition to a new email server when their expanding business email needs outgrew Microsoft’s capabilities.


Once Mylaki realized they were facing several problems with Microsoft products, they began to look for a more efficient and collaborative email solution. Mylaki was initially interested in an ERP system, or enterprise resource planning solution, to help plan and manage their core functions and communications.

As Mylaki continued to consider and research ERPs, the Nordic IT team reached out with a CRM (customer relationship management) solution in the MARK5 system.

Mylaki wanted their various operators and agents out in the field to be able to communicate effectively with their in-office team, and ultimately needed an email solution that was built for groups, transparency, and collaboration.


Initially, the Mylaki team was hesitant to make such a huge transition to a completely new email system, however, Nordic IT stepped in to help smoothen the transition.

The biggest challenge of this MARK5 rollout process was that most Mylaki users were spread out in various cities and countries.

The solution to getting the entire Mylaki team onboard with the MARK5 system was a couple of remote, in-depth product demonstrations. The Nordic IT team was happy to virtually walk Mylaki users through MARK5’s various functionalities and capabilities and help them adapt to the new software.


MARK5 Users
Hours Saved Daily / User on Avg
0 +
Port Calls Every Year


Within a week of implementing and utilizing MARK5, the Mylaki team immediately began to take notice of how much smoother communication and collaboration got between their agents and operators. With MARK5, everybody was given clear visibility across inboxes, which has ultimately led to optimized collaboration opportunities.

MARK5 also simplified Mylaki’s inboxes and has ultimately helped them streamline their business processes and save multiple hours every day per user.

MARK5 is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and even easier to implement company-wide with the proper training and resources.


January 2021, Mylaki decided to switch to an upgraded version of MARK5, reMARK.

MARK5 was rebranded to reMARK to create an even greater user experience for the maritime industry. The reMARK interface was streamlined and upgraded even further to expand on the same great features that MARK5 had to offer.

With reMARK’s Team Overview functions, the Mylaki team can collaborate on every email thread, leave internal notes, tasks, and messages and they can also see exactly who has opened or replied to an email.

One of Mylaki’s favorite reMARK and MARK5 features is the powerful boolean search functionality, which enables you to search through millions of emails in a split second.

Mylaki’s Favorite Email Features

Smart Folders

With reMARK, the Mylaki team is able to create an unlimited amount of personal and shared folders, that makes it easy to arrange automatic filing.


Mylaki loves reMARK’s ability to search through thousands of emails in the client and the app. Especially with the row filtration that is as fast as you can type.

Mobile App

Mylaki users enjoyed the convenience of the reMARK mobile app. The mobile app makes it easier for users to access their email and stay productive while on the go.

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