NIT 2023 Wrap Up: reMARK Cloud Launch, New Features & Biggest Wins

As we approach the end of 2023, Nordic IT looks at the past year with great pride and satisfaction. From launching our new reMARK Cloud in three different regions to expanding reMARK functionalities using AI technology and welcoming new employees, we’ve experienced immense growth in our technology and team. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our achievements and share our plans for 2024.

The Launch of reMARK Cloud, New Employees & Expanding Our Partnerships

This past year has brought several welcomed changes to the Nordic IT team. Our year has been filled with exciting new developments, from the launch of new cloud-based technology to new partnerships and positions. 

reMARK Cloud

As of the end of 2023, we have started deploying reMARK Cloud in three regions where we have seen major interest in this new and exciting product. As a cloud-based email collaboration solution, reMARK Cloud offers our clients enhanced security, scalability, and accessibility. We’re excited to see how our clients utilize reMARK Cloud to improve productivity and communication. 

New Partnerships 

This year, we’ve focused on our partnership network and established partnerships with several organizations to build integrations in reMARK, allowing us to increase functionality for our customers. We’ve also recently partnered with a maritime IT company in Athens, Greece, giving us a local presence with our expanding client base in the region.

New Team Members & Open Positions 

We’ve increased our customer base with the help of our new Operations Manager, who’s been instrumental in scaling our operations. We’ve also welcomed two new sellers to our team. As our company grows, we’ve opened up positions for three new supporters and a developer.

Our Latest Feature Updates & Email Collaboration Tools

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance reMARK, we’re thrilled to introduce the first few AI features in our next major release, making it possible to summarize emails and write elaborate emails using simple input. We’ve also launched a new calendar integrated with Exchange, enabling users to manage their schedules efficiently. 

Our new signature-related mailbox and reply deadline features have simplified email management for our users, while our HTML editor improvements have brought essential elements from the old editor. Finally, the ability to populate Smart Folders, the @-mention feature for comments, and the webhooks have also made using reMARK far more streamlined and user-friendly. 

Nordic IT’s Outlook for 2024

We’re excited about the coming year as we plan to continue enhancing our product offerings. In 2024, we aim to release a market data module with vessel and cargo positions, among other things, along with enhancing our IMOS/VIP integration functionality. We also intend to add more AI features to reMARK, such as the capability to label emails in a more intelligent way. Additionally, we’re looking forward to developing a dedicated “mark as completed” feature to increase user productivity.

Nordic IT: Wrapping Up a reMARKable 2023

As we wrap up a successful 2023, we express our deepest gratitude to our clients, partners, and team members for their continued support and trust in Nordic IT. We’re excited about the technological advancements and features we’ve planned for 2024 and remain committed to delivering a robust email collaboration platform to empower shipping businesses around the globe.

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