Nordic IT Releases New MARKet Data Module

 The new module is the result of Nordic IT’s strategic partnership with ZeroNorth.

Nordic IT has recently unveiled a new addition to the reMARK collaborative email platform: the MARKet Data Module, which was born from its strategic partnership with ZeroNorth. With the release of this long-awaited module, Nordic IT’s maritime customers can now better leverage their email data and access a wealth of actionable email insights directly from the reMARK platform.

Reflecting on the launch of the MARKet Data Module, the CEO of Nordic IT, Martin H. Mørup, expressed, “We are very excited to empower our maritime clients by helping them turn their emails into a strategic asset to their shipping operations. This module signifies the depth of our partnership with ZeroNorth as well as our commitment to continually innovating and adding value to reMARK.”

The MARKet Data Module automatically sifts through vast amounts of data and provides users with invaluable information, including cargo opportunities, vessel positions and availability, market trends, and much more. This means not only significant time savings but also enhanced decision-making capabilities, as it yields data-driven insights that can elevate operational performance.

In light of this exciting addition to the reMARK platform, Nordic IT is delighted to extend an exclusive invitation to maritime shippers for a special webinar on May 22nd and 23rd, 2024, co-hosted by ZeroNorth. This webinar, available to existing and prospective customers, will discuss the advanced features and capabilities of the module, fostering a deeper understanding of how it can greatly enhance maritime operations and drive success. 

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