Organize Your Department’s Inbox With Smart Folders

Organize Your Department’s Inbox With Smart Folders

Your inbox can often be overwhelming, filled with dozens or even hundreds of unread emails and notifications. Cleaning it up, responding to every email in a timely manner and staying up to date are struggles many departments face. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are individuals who want to read every detail to ensure they apply all critical information to each project or understand all components no matter how big or small. With Smart Folders, whichever side of the spectrum you fall under or if you are in between, you can organize your inbox to work for you!

Smart Folders have pre-defined rules determined by your team. These criteria are what you deem are critical to receive, what can wait and information that is not privy to your position. There isn’t a limit on how many folders you create or the number of different filters to narrow in your folder rules. In fact, it is company dependent on how many folders you will have. To get started, start small and then grow! Evaluate if you are doing things the most optimal way, if yes – continue, if no – adjust. 

The most important thing to identify is that every department works differently. For example, charterers and brokers want to read everything while a CFO might only want visibility on financial documents such as contracts or invoices. Create folders with rules that incorporate personal preferences and business needs. Additionally, when an employee is out of office, notifications can be sent to highlight only on the most pertinent topics. These folders can be sorted by company, domain or even person to maximize the search capabilities. Each email could have a piece of business that is worth a lot of money, so it’s critical emails get in the right hands!

Only more advanced email features can make retrieval for the most critical information and data streamlined. When employees have access to the most advanced tools, they can find what they need at their fingertips. By maximizing the use of reMARK’s Smart Folders, you can set your company up for success, thorough organization and productivity for each department!

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