Outstanding experiences of 2016

2016 has in many ways been a great year for Nordic IT. We have accomplished a lot that we are proud of and excited about. Continue reading to get a glimpse of three Nordic IT colleagues most outstanding experiences of 2016.

Lars Fischer

Technical Sales Consultant

In 2016 we have all focused on better and closer relations to our customers. This is something I have witnessed from the front row, having talked and visited quite a few during the year. One that stands out is a training session with an older client. They had used MARK5 for a long time and therefore they were primarily using the basic functionalities – that were available in the beginning. During the short visit, they were taught enough tips and tricks to get excited about MARK5 once again. Seeing people enjoying the product you deliver is so inspiring and definitely one of the better experiences of the year.

Morten Schnack

Product Manager

In October 2016 our entire Development department attended a conference in Warsaw. Not only did this give us a chance to acquire new knowledge and update existing, it also presented an excellent opportunity for teambuilding. We managed to make time for a little sightseeing of the city and after the conference, each team member made a personal presentation to the rest of the team. This session, where we could really ask questions and dive deep into a subject, was just as good as the conference itself! After a great conference and teambuilding event, we returned to our daily work with renewed energy and extra knowledge – ready to be implemented into new versions of MARK5.

Nanna Dragø

Marketing Assistant

In may 2016 we participated in an exhibition: Breakbulk Antwerp. Prior to the event, we spent almost half a year planning and developing to be able to give our visitors a good and in some way extraordinary experience. Luckily, the exhibition went really well, and not only did we manage to give our visitors a special experience, we also won a prize for our stand design. To have worked this hard and get this kind of recognition made us very grateful, and the experience has only made us want to make our next contribution even more special and extraordinary.

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