reMARK 1.49: The Latest and Greatest In Maritime Email Collaboration Tools

Running a successful maritime shipping company requires the use of advanced technologies and tools, and Nordic IT is at the forefront of innovation in this arena. Most recently, we are elated to present the latest version of our reMARK email collaboration software – version 1.49 – which brings with it impressive new features and improvements requested by our valued maritime customers. With reMARK v1.49 in your toolkit, your maritime shipping business will have the edge when it comes to speedy email communication between teams.

The Latest Email Collaboration Features that Come with reMARK Version 1.49

reMARK v1.49 has some exciting new features that were designed with increased efficiency and interconnectivity in mind. These features were specifically created to enhance maritime shipping operations and improve the overall usability of our email collaboration platform. The following features are now available for use in reMARK:

  1. Ability to mention reMARK users in comments using the @ notation – this allows for increased visibility on email tasks as well as a convenient way to keep team members in the loop.
  2. Greater offline functionality (Last used addresses, Templates, and Drafts)  – this feature is helpful for increased accessibility in environments where network connection is limited or unavailable.
  3. Support for Windows 11 Snap Layouts – enables increased visibility and organization of the applications on your screen.
  4. Smart to normal folder conversion – now, reMARK users can easily convert Smart folders to a static folder. When a folder is converted, the Smart folder rules will be removed. An example of how our customers are using this could be when a voyage for a vessel ends, emails for that vessel should not continue to enter the folder.
  5. reMARK client auto-restarts when a new version is available – reMARK users will now receive new updates as soon as a new version is available with no manual intervention.
  6. SLA countdown for emails – the SLA countdown feature is an exciting development for reMARK which allows users to assign due dates to email tasks. For example, when your team has an obligation to reply to a customer within a certain time frame, this countdown will show when the email from your team needs to be sent. This provides everyone visibility to both the deadline and the countdown. 
  7. HTML Editor for Templates – The HTML editor now supports the insertion of reMARK Templates. This provides an additional way to build email templates that help your team streamline their workflow.

Significant Improvements Made in reMARK

Significant improvements have been made in reMARK to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. With 14 notable improvements and 39 corrected issues, reMARK is now even more robust while enabling effective collaboration and communication among team members. Reach out to our team for the full list of enhancements!

reMARK: Elevating the User Experience One Update at a Time

reMARK is designed to make the user experience as intuitive and seamless as possible when operating within the fast-paced maritime shipping environment. With the latest version 1.49, reMARK has raised the bar for what an email collaboration platform can be capable of. From mention capabilities to smart folder conversion, reMARK gives users a robust set of email collaboration tools that enables greater visibility across  projects and teams.

Have questions or feedback on our latest updates? Our team is here to help. Contact us today and let us know what you think about reMARK 1.49! To upgrade to the latest version, contact our support team. Let us know other features you would like to see in future updates!

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