reMARK Version 1.51: Latest Features & Enhancements to our Email Collaboration Software

Nordic IT’s email collaboration software, reMARK, is undergoing constant improvements to meet the ever-changing needs of our customer base. Our latest version, reMARK 1.51, contains significant improvements due to real customer feedback. Here, we’ll review eight new features and improvements with reMARK version 1.51.

Version 1.51’s Last Email Collaboration Tools & Features 

The Nordic IT team is constantly improving to reMARK, with as many as four new releases a year. In doing so, we enable continued deployment of new functionality designed to improve the user experience and further streamline workflows. reMARK version 1.51 contains improved features and functionalities such as:

1. Offline Mode

We are working to make all of reMARK available offline and are adding more features in every version. With Version 1.51 you can now save drafts offline and create and queue emails to send. We will have more parts of reMARK available offline in the coming releases.

2. Settings Templates 

Administrators of reMARK can now create settings templates and assign them to users and departments. This allows them to configure the system to the needs of each group of users, and ensure that they all start from a set of settings that fits their needs or policies.

3. Improved Design

reMARK for Windows 11 now displays windows with rounded corners. 

Improvements Made Since reMARK Version 1.49 & Next Releases

Since our last release, Version 1.49, reMARK has undergone several improvements, including 10 new features, 14 overall improvements, and 39 total corrections. We are excited to announce that the next release, 1.53, will include features like Mailmerge for the HTML editor, activating webhooks from rules, and even more Calendar improvements. The release after that, 1.55, will allow users to mark emails as “completed,” utilize the Clipboard in the HTML Editor, and see additional HTML Editor improvements.

Ready to See a reMARKable Difference in Email Communications?

reMARK version 1.51 offers various new features and improvements designed to enhance your email collaboration software experience. Significantly, with the forthcoming releases, more features are on the way to support tailored email communication strategies for shipping organizations.

Contact the Nordic IT team to get the full release notes and learn why more and more organizations depend on reMARK for superior email communications.

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