reMARKable Improvements: 5 Features Inspired by Customer Feedback

When it comes to maritime shipping, the devil is in the details. And that’s why Nordic IT listens closely to customer feedback when it comes to developing our email collaboration tool, reMARK. In this blog post, we’ll go over 5 new features that have been inspired by customer feedback and designed to make maritime shipping operations more efficient and user-friendly. Thanks for all your input – keep it coming!

reMARK Features & Attributes that Allow for Smarter Email Collaboration

Nordic IT never stops improving when it comes to maritime shipping. Thanks to customer feedback, we have developed a suite of features and attributes for reMARK that allow maritime shipping companies to collaborate smarter across the supply chain. These features include:

Ability to Set Default Templates Per Line

This feature enables users to change their email signatures based on the email address they are sending from. For example, if someone is working with different brands or teams, they will no longer have to manually switch signatures. This feature has been available since version 1.45 of reMARK, and has been requested by a total of 16 different reMARK clients.

Spreading of Attributes

This feature enables the reMARK system to automatically apply information such as categories or user defined information in additional fields to incoming emails, based on whether it is part of a reply chain. To exemplify, if a user replies to an email with a certain category, that category will be automatically assigned to the outgoing reply as well as incoming replies that may come later. Available since version 1.32 of reMARK, this feature was initially requested by one customer, but is now a standard feature used by many.

Ability to Search for Various Email Categories

This feature enables users to search for emails categorized as “handled” or “completed,” emails without certain categories, and emails that have multiple categories assigned to the same one. This can be helpful for those who have various categories and want to tag multiple items on the same email. Things like DWT, area of the world, whoever is assigned to handle the email, and more can be tagged and easily retrieved from the reMARK system. This feature is most commonly used in the search module or the Search Folders, and users can view emails that need to be taken care of while knowing the exact status of the task. This feature has been available since the 1.35 version of reMARK, and was originally requested by a handful of customers. Now, however, it is a frequently used function amongst many of our users.

Message Rule Appearance Customer Rules

This feature allows for users to rely on color coding for individual emails in the email list view based on certain criteria. This includes mailbox, mail address, reMARK user (for outgoing emails), the subject line, read receipt, and whether the user is a main recipient in the CC field. This feature solves the challenge of receiving a high volume of emails and having to quickly identify the most important emails in the list. Further, this feature can also be used to distinguish emails to easily see which mailbox they are received in, making it very useful in views where multiple inboxes are being monitored simultaneously. This feature has been available since the 1.25 version of reMARK, and is in use by many of our customers.

An Easy Way to Populate  Newly Created Smart Folders

Smart Folders allow users to automatically file important emails, but will only file emails from the moment the folder is created. For greater ease of use and efficiency, we’ve developed this feature to where users can populate a newly created smart folder with emails received from prior dates (as defined by the user). While this was possible before using the search and manual filing functions, we’ve simplified the process and made it easier for maritime shipping teams to stay organized. This feature has been available since the 1.47 version of reMARK, and was a very popular request among our users, with more than 5 customers asking to have it included in reMARK. 

Nordic IT Values Your Feedback & Suggestions

At Nordic IT, we value our customers’ feedback and use it to create features that help maritime shipping teams collaborate smarter across the supply chain. We hope that these new features help maritime teams to stay organized, efficient and focused on their maritime operations.

As always, we appreciate our customer feedback and suggestions, and continue to look for ways to improve reMARK’s user experience. If you have any feature requests or feedback about how we can further improve your maritime shipping operations, please reach out and contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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