Top 5 Email Productivity Tips to Organize Your Inbox

No matter where you work, it’s likely you’ve wasted many precious hours dealing with the dreaded overflowing email inbox. In the maritime industry, companies commonly receive thousands of emails per day–many of which are vital to their operations. Attempting to sort through the mass pile of messages to quickly find crucial information is enough to […]

reMark Email Software Training Classes Launched on Website

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reMark Email Software Training Classes Launched on Website Great news – we recently launched a new Learning Management System in the support area of our website. On this page of the website, we’ve created a Beginner Course, an Intermediate Course, and a Course for Power Users. All enrollments are free, and the classes will track your progress […]

COVID-19: An Update from NordicIT

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting business worldwide, we wanted to provide an update from our company on measures we are taking to ensure our customers are supported. Below are 3 key ways we are doing this. Continued support responsiveness – We have implemented our work from home plan for our organization.  We have the tools in […]

Dura Software Acquires Nordic IT, Moves HQ to San Antonio

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Article derived from Another acquisition is resulting in a new information technology (IT) company moving to San Antonio. San Antonio-based Dura Software announced Friday its acquisition of the Denmark-based Nordic IT, Inc. The company provides email software for enterprise-size teams and is considered the industry leader for the maritime shipping industry which relies upon reliable email. Hundreds […]

Torm Case Study

“Emails automatically go to the right folder, and people only have to look in their own vessel folder. They only get to see the information they need to see because of the smart set up.”

Team Tankers Case Study

“Before this email system, each employee spent around 1-2 hours of archiving emails every day. Now, we don’t spend any time archiving emails at all.”

A future perspective on reMARK: reimagining the IT infrastructure

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A future perspective on reMARK: reimagining the IT infrastructure Technology evolution has become faster as alterations, change and rapid adaption are the new norm in enterprise software application development. Within the past decade, enterprise software applications have undergone an impressive evolution thanks to a combination of technology and the demands of users. Thus, causing software providers […]

Congratulations to the winner of our reMARK launch competition

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Congratulations Jonas Nissen from BW Dry Cargo is the lucky winner of our reMARK launch competition. Jonas gave the best testimonial on his favourite reMARK feature: The mobile functionality.  Jonas is the winner of an entire day of free IT consultancy with one of our service technicians.