Tongli Shipping PTE.LTD

Tongli Shipping PTE.LTD is a Singapore-based shipping company that has been around since 1997. Tongli’s versatility in shipping a wide variety of dry bulk commodities, from agriproducts to coal, fertilizers, iron ore, and project cargoes, enabled Tongli to become a well-known name in the minibulker and handysize markets.

Tongli’s shipment volume continues to increase each year. Tongli is committed to continuously expanding and modifying its fleet in various forms to better serve its customers. In the near future, they aspire to manage a respectable fleet of modern ships with a strong reputation among their clients.

In order to achieve this expansion, Tongli needs to be able to efficiently communicate with its team in various locations. With MARK5, Tongli’s team can quickly sort through mail to keep up to date with their team members and find the crucial information they need to meet their business goals.


Foxmail Was Not Equipped for High Volume Email 

With the influx of thousands of emails each day, Tongli’s previous email server, Foxmail, was unable to keep up. 


When looking for possible solutions to the many problems that Tongli was facing, a marine customer introduced them to Nordic IT. As they learned more about the powerful capabilities of reMARK, Tongli knew it would be the perfect fit.

They could trust Nordic IT because reMARK was built specifically for professional marine email solutions. Nordic IT understood the challenges Tongli was facing, and they provided the services shipping companies needed.


MARK5 Users
Hours Saved Daily Per User on Average

How reMARK is Tongli’s Solution

Nordic IT’s reMARK platform has revolutionized email efficiency for Tongli. reMARK allows for the receipt of thousands of emails without taking up personal computer space, which enables faster computer processing.

While Foxmail experienced freezes and delays due to high email volume, reMARK continues to work at full speed, even with an exceptionally large email volume.

reMARK simplified collaboration and communication between team members both internally and throughout various offices.


Like many companies, the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a business-wide adjustment at Tongli. Employees were required to work from home, which caused even more confusion and disconnection.

Luckily, Tongli could rely on reMARK to make work as normal and hassle-free as possible. reMARK’s powerful capabilities allowed Tongli employees to seamlessly communicate across channels and oversee even greater development than 2019.

Tongli’s Favorite MARK5 Features

Shared Folders

Tongli loves MARK5’s ability to sort through old emails and place them into folders, along with new emails that arrive that fit the predefined criteria.


In seconds, Tongli’s users can find the needle-in-a-haystack email they are looking for by simply typing into the search bar.


MARK5 will filter an inbox to quickly sort through thousands of emails to find the information that employees are seeking.

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