Top 3 MARK5 team features to know when working in virtual teams

MARK5 is tailored for teamwork environments and makes every action visible to the users. These features within MARK5 do not only help team members work efficiently, but they also make team members work together from different locations. Here are the top 3 team features in MARK5.


The first essential feature within MARK5 is that you have access to data from every company server – no matter where the different servers are located. With MARK5 you have the possibility of buying a synchronising module, which means that teams across locations can access the same data, as if it were one single system, making it easy for teams to work across destinations.


Within MARK5 it is possible to share everything between co-workers, no matter if it is a short email, contacts or a specific document. This can be done across offices and without forwarding anything, which means that no data will ever get lost.


The tracking system within MARK5 registers every single movement. This means that everyone in a team can see the status of an email: Who has read, replied, forwarded and filed the message. It is also possible to track how emails are connected to a person or a client. This give teams the chance to see the whole history within a correspondence, ensuring no misunderstandings between teams and no duplication of efforts.

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