5 New Functionality Enhancements in reMARK

The recent transformation and redesign of MARK5 have resulted in an updated user interface on different levels – both aesthetically and functionality-wise. Which means that the user experience and interface in reMARK has been optimised to fit businesses and end-users needs on as many parameters as possible. With the aim to better serve and cater to clients and users wishes, implementations of new functionality and alterations to existing features have been made.

To give you a better overview of the changes, we hereby present you a list of the top 5 new functionality enhancements and changes which you from now on will find in reMARK’s updated and improved user interface.

Quick search

Besides the total makeover and transformation of the entire user interface, one of the biggest changes made in reMARK is the introduction of quick search. With quick search, users can quickly perform simple searches when searching through content in reMARK. Quick search will automatically search the content you are working in, unless you choose otherwise. No matter where users are in reMARK, quick search is always visible to the user. Needless to say, this function gives a new dimension and new aspect to the system’s current advanced search functionality.

Learn how to perform a quick search in reMARK: View tutorial here.


Before, search was just a feature, but in reMARK search has its own module. This means that if users wish to perform a search, they either have to open a search through the tab menu or use the previous described quick search in the toolbar to search though emails and content. Don’t worry, other than that, you will find the same advanced search functionality as previously.

Learn how make an advanced search in reMARK:  View tutorial here.


The user interface in the calendar module has been updated to provide users with a better and more complete calendar overview. This means that it is now possible to view the private calendar and shared calendars in combined or separate views and thereby give users a complete overview over their schedule. Moreover, the calendar module contains an appointment and task view which allows for a full overview of appointments and a timeline so you can manage projects and always keep track of important appointments and relevant tasks.


Messages is a brand-new module that has been introduced and implemented in reMARK. With messages users are able to communicate with a colleague through a chat function or create group chats to communicate with multiple colleagues at once. By using messages employees can instantly communicate internally and send messages or attached files.

In MARK5 users were limited to having a maximum of five tabs opened at a time. But in reMARK, users are provided with the possibility of quickly navigating and switching between a very high number of their favourite and most used folders in the tab menu.

Learn what you need to know about the tab menu in reMARK: View tutorial here.

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