Weco Shipping is a maritime transport company with locations in Copenhagen and Singapore that has been providing solutions for cargo and logistical services since 1883. The company has several business units, including Weco Bulk, Weco Tankers, Weco Projects, and Weco Roro. Weco’s operations involve moving cargo, maritime transport, as well as logistical services for a vast majority of bulk goods such as agricultural products and steel.

Due to the growing needs of their operation, Weco employees were struggling to keep up with the volume of email data they were generating. Having largely relied upon MS Outlook in years past, the need for an email solution that could handle larger volumes of data and achieve better collaboration was ostensible. As a result, Weco sought out reMARK from their sister company, who was already experiencing great success with the collaborative email tool.


One of the main benefits of using reMARK is that the tool has saved the company a great deal of time. Previously, the company had to rely on individual employees to check their email inboxes for new tasks and correspondence. They were also relying on inadequate search functions that did not have the capacity to quickly pull up important emails. Needless to say, these processes were time-consuming and inefficient. With reMARK, all email correspondence is routed through a single platform, making it easy for everyone on the team to stay up-to-date with ongoing tasks and projects.

reMARK has also helped Weco Shipping to achieve greater transparency and accountability. All email correspondence is openly stored in one place, so everyone on the team can see all emails related to a particular task or project. This helps to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, and makes it easier for team members to provide assistance as needed.

The use of reMARK has also helped Weco Shipping to improve overall internal and external communication within the company. Employees can easily see when someone’s progress with a particular task or process, and additional training can be provided as needed. Furthermore, the use of reMARK has made it easier for employees in different locations (e.g. Singapore and Copenhagen) to work together on tasks and projects.

Lastly, reMARK’s mobile app made for another major convenience for the team, who added that the app is “brilliant” for maritime shipping communications on the go. The mobile app functions seamlessly and includes all the necessary features they need to keep operations running from anywhere in the world.


Weco Shipping needed a way to improve transparency and communication within its team. With reMARK, Weco’s staff could gain more visibility into ongoing correspondence and therefore remain apprised of all upcoming and unfinished tasks.

The team overview feature enables users to see all emails and attachments, as well as tasks and comments. This allows the Weco team as a whole to move through a large volume of emails more quickly and efficiently than they ever have with Outlook. Additionally, reMARK’s one inbox format saves time and prevents duplicate filing of emails.

Managing communications was effectively simplified with the email thread feature. The ability to keep all conversations in one place makes it easier to track correspondence and follow up on tasks.

The templates feature also ensures standard communication outreach, which saves time and eliminates confusion. Moreover, Team Overview in addition to the Categories feature has helped Weco’s staff stay organized and efficient. By being able to organize as well as see all of the tasks and deadlines for each team member, users can better plan and manage their workflows.

Overall, reMARK has been a great solution for Weco Shipping and has helped them improve their shipping operations significantly.


Weco attributes their seamless transition to reMARK’s ease of use and excellent support.

Weco Shipping underwent a successful transition to reMARK. In fact, it was so successful that Nordic IT’s support team only needed to provide them minimal help to get up and running. This was due in part to the fact that Weco Shipping had already been trained on how to use reMARK with their sister company, and there were existing team members that were familiar with the tool and could easily pass down knowledge.

Additionally, they have not needed any further training or support since transitioning, which speaks to the ease of use and reliability of reMARK.


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Weco recommends reMARK to other companies for several reasons. To start, it has saved them an abundance of time and resources. By using reMARK, Weco Shipping can communicate more effectively and efficiently with their team, which means less time wasted on unnecessary emails. reMARK also allows them to track progress and collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world, which is especially important for a company that operates in multiple time zones.

reMARK has also increased Weco Shipping’s transparency in communications. With reMARK, they can quickly find the information they need and share files with team members. This helps them get work done faster and prevents any overlap or confusion.

reMARK is also great for training new employees. With reMARK, every email scenario that a new team member may encounter is already available for them to see and retain process knowledge. This saves them time and money, and ensures that new employees are up to speed on company procedures immediately.

Overall, Weco Shipping is very happy with reMARK and would recommend it to any company, especially within the maritime shipping industry. reMARK has helped them increase productivity, train new employees effectively, improve collaboration, and of course, streamline communications.


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