Why You Should be Using reMARK’s Categories and Filters

Why You Should be Using reMARK’s Categories and Filters

Often, we spend hours reading emails that do not apply to us because we are copied on an email chain or we receive emails where only a small percentage of the email is relevant to us. Wouldn’t it be great to have a view in your inbox of ONLY emails that were relevant to you? 

With reMARK’s powerful built-in category option, you will be able to quickly and efficiently organize your inbox to help limit the number of emails you receive and only bring those of importance to the forefront. With the reMARK software, there is no limit on the number of categories you can create, allowing you to organize as in-depth or broadly as you want or need. Here’s how it works.  Review the types of emails that you are receiving each day.  From that review, assign categories to those email types.  On average, we see most users assigning about 10 categories to organize their inbox. Then, to move even quicker through your email, leverage the reMARK hot keys option to quickly prompt the categories to save additional time, increase transparency, and provide full visibility. If in the initial setup the categories are too broad, you can easily add more filters to drill down on what goes into that folder. If your category is too detailed and you find some key emails are not included, simply loosen the parameters. Using these categories to organize will help limit the number of emails you receive, removing unnecessary messages or spam. Creating categories by department, client relevancy or topics are three rules/tags to consider implementing. 

For example, if the category is “billing”, when emails come through regarding payments and invoices, those can go into the billing category and are placed at the top of your inbox for relevancy. Or, if you are an account manager for clients, creating a category to separate each client and keep the information organized per business unit may be a helpful way to segment your emails. Not only does this increase organization, it will also help locate needed information quicker. Instead of sorting through hundreds of emails to find what you are looking for, they will display in chronological order and are visually represented, giving you an overview so you don’t have to click around. Likewise, this system will allow you to add additional layers of filtering for projects that were completed, emails that were responded to by other team members at your organization or if the emails are unassigned/unanswered.

With reMARK’s customizable email platform, you can set an unlimited number of categories and filters that seamlessly prioritize and present only the emails that matter to you. Your teams will fly through thousands of emails each day without missing any critical information.  This is business-class email in action!

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