Anton Caspersen


By now we know that artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced and implemented in many ways across businesses and industries. Therefore, we asked Nordic IT’s partner, Anton Caspersen, what his perspective is on artificial intelligence and if he considers AI as a potential friend or foe. Read further if you are intrigued to know what Nordic IT’s partner thinks of artificial intelligence.


How would you define artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is not the same as the intelligence that humans possess. And that is why I do not see AI as a threat to humans. Unlike computers, humans are able to act upon instinct, ethics and emotion and based on that make thoughtful and creative decisions that computers are not capable of – this is real intelligence. Computers draw conclusions based on already experienced scenarios. This means that AI will not become dangerous until the computer can come up with conclusions that we can not control. But in my opinion, we are still far from that.

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How does artificial intelligence occur in the products Nordic IT offers?

Our product contains a parsing technology that is capable of piling out and presenting information in a form that is immediately accessible for the reader to extract information from. One might call this parsing technology a form of artificial intelligence. The goal is to give a better base for decision making by performing content management on emails or information you wish to analyze or extract data from.

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From a business perspective, is artificial intelligence a friend or foe?

Artificial intelligence is definitely a friend and not a foe. Businesses can benefit from AI because it is a helpful tool for solving everyday tasks and issues. It can make processes more effective, and this of course benefits businesses across different areas and industries. But we must remember that artificial intelligence is not the same as the intelligence inside our minds, for better or for worse.

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