Become more efficient with user training

Nicolai Roest Deijenberg

Service Technician

In order to get the full experience of our product MARK5, training and creating well-informed users is essential and is a high priority of ours. Without proper training, users will not get the desired benefits and customer satisfaction.

To get an insight of how we at Nordic IT train users, we asked one of our service technicians, Nicolai Roest Deijenberg, who trains MARK5 users and answer MARK5 related questions every day, about his perspective on user training and how he helps users to get the best possible experience of MARK5.

Nicolai Roest Deijenberg, Service Technician:

The biggest challenge when teaching new users to navigate MARK5 is to understand their current workflow and how they have worked in the past. Some users are used to totally different systems and can thereby be a little sceptical when first being introduced to our product. But that is also our job, to make the transition as smooth as possible and convince the new users that MARK5 can make their email management more efficient. This is done through proper and suitable training of the user so they understand what the product is capable of, and how MARK5 can help them.
In my opinion, the best way to train and help users is actually the old school approach where we encourage participants to raise their hands and ask for help while they are engaging with the MARK5 system on their own PCs. People are alert when asking questions, more interested and willing to learn this way. I think that some people might be afraid of asking “stupid” questions in bigger or large assemblies. But these questions are important to ask in order to get to know the program and the features in it. It is easy to spot a user who recently has received training because the user is much more comfortable navigating MARK5. Therefore, one can assume that a user who has received training is more efficient compared to a user who has not received any training. It is important to note that if you have received training recently you are much better equipped to get the desired results. The better you can utilize the features, the more time you can save in the end.

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