How reMARK Supports Better Workflows for Maritime Shipping Success

In order for maritime shipping companies to thrive, they need to have connected teams and systems in place. This requires efficient and effective workflow systems that allow colleagues to quickly retrieve important information and remain in alignment. In this blog post, we will discuss reMARK features that support better workflows, the benefits they offer, and a real-world case of a global tanker company maximizing workflows for better maritime shipping outcomes.

Using Workflows in Collaborative Email Software like reMARK

The maritime shipping industry often relies on collaborative email software like reMARK to support the communication needs of their distributed workforce. Reaching this goal starts with having better workflow systems in place, as this is the key to unlocking efficiencies in maritime shipping. With reMARK, workflow features can be combined to streamline communication and optimize collaboration. Features such as reMARK’s Search Folder, Categories, Extra Fields, and the To-Do List allow for more simplified workflows  and better management of maritime shipping operations.

The Search Folder feature in particular is designed to help users quickly find the email messages they need, by reducing the number of emails a user must read. This is done by either displaying all emails assigned to you and those that are not yet assigned to anybody, or showing all emails assigned to you and tasks that are not yet completed.  This can be done on a departmental or individual level, and Search Folders even have the ability to notify users of emails that need confirmation from specific users.

The advantages of these specific workflows include saved time by reducing the number of emails read, reduced mistakes by enabling confirmation from key employees, and support for structure and performance by easy monitoring of completed and unfinished tasks.

Leveraging reMARK’s Workflows Led to Great Results for This Maritime Shipping Company

J. Lauritzen has been serving the tanker business since 1951, and is made up of approximately 100 vessels and 70 employees globally. Headquartered in Copenhagen, J. Lauritzen has offices in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, as well as the US. As an entity that enables global trade through intelligent seaborne solutions, J. Lauritzen needed to be able to thrive in a high volume email environment.

The problem that J. Lauritzen’s teams faced was that their original email platform had many limitations, and had not received any updates or further developments in the time that they were using it. As a result, this platform struggled to support their vessel fleet while forcing users to dig through several hundred emails wasting valuable time. With the need for constant communication and greater visibility, it was clear that J. Lauritzen’s team needed a solution that included comprehensive workflows features such as search folders.

reMARK was able to provide functions that simplified workflows and saved time for the global tanker company. The implementation process was seamless, as the reMARK developed the workflows for J. Lauritzen’s team including the initial filters, categories, and folders  the search and filtering capabilities allowed them to quickly retrieve information within moments. Moreover, Nordic IT’s team also set up customized folder structures, workflows, and permissions to further optimize their collaborative email experience. With great customer support every step of the way, Nordic IT facilitated their success with reMARK’s workflow capabilities.

reMARK’s Collaborative Email Software Supports Smarter Workflows

If you’re in the maritime shipping business, it’s time to upgrade your collaborative email software  to one that achieves smarter workflows like reMARK. Leveraging its capabilities will make it easier and much more efficient for you to find the information you need, categorize it properly, as well as keep track of tasks. Investing in reMARK means less time spent searching through emails and more time getting things done. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your maritime shipping company succeed. 

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