Introducing Nordic IT’s reMARK Cloud

Email collaboration is an essential aspect of modern business, allowing teams to communicate effectively and efficiently. However, managing and maintaining an email solution can be time-consuming and costly for companies. Enter reMARK Cloud, Nordic IT’s new email SaaS solution to streamline email collaboration and improve business performance. Here, we’ll discuss our latest offering and how businesses can use a robust, cloud-based email solution. 

Managed Email Services

reMARK Cloud’s managed email services provide businesses with a secure and reliable platform that ensures smooth, uninterrupted email communications. Our team of dedicated experts handles the operation of the reMARK platform, allowing businesses to save time and resources. 

We take care of your system’s back-end infrastructure, including disk storage, monitoring, proactive remediation, and deploying software updates. The implementation process is streamlined, and our team works with businesses to develop a plan tailored to their specific needs and goals, making for a painless transition. 

Access All Your Favorite Collaborative Email Features

reMARK Cloud offers all the collaborative email tools you need to streamline your communication efforts. Supports SSO with Azure AD; users can easily log in from any device. Moreover, our solution contains all the features available in the reMARK Gateway and API integrations that streamline data exchange with other systems. Users can leverage all the features within reMARK without interrupting workflows, with templates, automated email archiving, search folders, automated email filters, and comments.

Our cloud email solution contains all the classic features of reMARK, including:

  • Advanced Folder System
  • Automated Email Archiving
  • Search Tools 
  • Team Features
  • Comments
  • Templates
  • And much more

Increased Competitive Advantage

Moving to reMARK Cloud provides businesses with a competitive edge. Our team of experts executes maintenance and upkeep, allowing companies to focus on core operations and gain a competitive advantage with an enhanced email solution.

Here are some of the immediate benefits businesses realize when moving to reMARK Cloud:

Cost Reduction 

Businesses can save money on licensing, hardware, and personnel costs since our team handles upkeep and maintenance.

Improved Performance  

Our infrastructure will scale automatically to handle any email volume, eliminating the need to worry about performance issues or overprovisioning resources.

Increased Uptime 

reMARK Cloud ensures comparatively more uptime, so businesses can always rely on the system, even during high email volume days.

Contact Nordic IT & Streamline Email Collaboration with Our New Cloud-Based Solution

Nordic IT offers businesses dependable, cost-effective, and feature-rich email collaboration tools. With our cloud-based email solution, companies can streamline their email communications while letting our experienced team do all the heavy lifting. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business take the next step in email collaboration with our reMARK cloud solution.

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