How APIs Can Improve Workflow Efficiency for Maritime Shipping Companies

Maritime shipping companies are always looking for ways to improve workflow efficiency. However, disparate systems and processes can create unique challenges to overcome. One way maritime shipping companies are addressing this issue is by using APIs, which is now available with Nordic IT’s collaborative email solution, reMARK.

With reMARK’s API, maritime shipping companies can build applications that interact with data on our collaborative email platform. This allows businesses to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency across the board. In this blog post, we will discuss the role that APIs play in maritime shipping, and how companies can realize the benefits right away with reMARK.

Here’s Why Your Collaborative Email Solution Needs An API

Maritime shipping companies rely on collaborative email for a variety of tasks. From communicating with customers to coordinating shipments, this tool is an essential component to operating in a high volume email environment. API, or Application Programming Interface, allows maritime shipping companies to build software that interacts with the data in reMARK. This means that users can develop custom applications that automate tasks and collect data for analysis. 

So, how does this contribute to efficiency? To start, maritime shipping is a complex process with many moving parts. By automating tasks with custom applications, maritime shipping companies can streamline workflows and achieve greater productivity. In addition, data collected through APIs can be used to identify areas of improvement and optimize maritime shipping processes. With the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems, maritime shipping companies can develop a complete ecosystem of maritime shipping solutions that work together to further improve efficiency.

Maritime Shipping Companies Leverage reMARK’s API to Drive Business Innovation

Nordic IT’s maritime shipping customers use reMARK’s API to develop a range of custom applications for business critical processes. Offering full coverage through our Gateway API, reMARK client allows users to complete any action through the API. And because our API implements all the same capabilities that are available to the reMARK client, custom applications will have access to the same functionality as the reMARK client. 

The benefits don’t end there. reMARK’s API also runs server side, eliminating the need to install anything on the clients. Furthermore, because reMARK’s API is based on the REST protocol,  developers are already familiar with the tools and skills needed to work with it. This means maritime shipping companies can quickly and easily develop custom applications to improve efficiency and better serve their business needs. 

Nordic IT ensures that your maritime shipping businesses can benefit from our flexibility and extensibility through reMARK’s API. Our team is always open to feedback for improvements and enhancing the API with new functionalities, so maritime shipping companies can be confident that they are always getting the most out of our collaborative email solution. 

The reMARK API: Transforming Workflows for Maritime Shipping Success 

reMARK’s API is a powerful tool that maritime shipping companies can use to streamline their workflows, achieve greater productivity, and save time. With the ability to develop custom applications, analyze data, and optimize workflows, maritime shipping companies can gain a significant competitive advantage. Interested in learning more? Check out our current API documentation or get in touch with one of our experts at Nordic IT today. 

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