Realize the Potential of reMARK with Nordic IT’s Help

The Nordic IT team provides valuable assistance and training to maritime shipping companies on how to get the most out of their shared inbox/collaborative email tool, reMARK. This collaborative email inbox is designed to help teams communicate and collaborate more effectively. The Nordic IT team can provide your company with the necessary tools and training to unlock the potential of reMARK and improve your communication process!

Comprehensive Email Collaboration Training at Your Fingertips

Nordic IT’s team provides the best-in-class email training to maritime shipping companies who use our email collaboration tools. Our Learning Center is designed to make onboarding and using reMARK intuitive and easy, with step-by-step guides to help customers get started quickly. Existing users can also use the Learning Center to gain an even deeper understanding of reMARK’s specialized features and hotkeys.

Moreover, Nordic IT’s roadmap tracking system ensures that customers are kept up to date on our development tickets, helping them stay informed of any projects that might benefit their organization. With our Learning Center and roadmap tracking services, customers can realize the full potential of reMARK for maximum workflow efficiency and productivity.

Streamlined Onboarding for Maritime Shipping Company Teams

When one of our customers experiences a transition, such as new employees joining or needing to expand their licenses, the Nordic IT team is there to get them up to speed. Often, new users are trained internally or gain knowledge passed down by other reMARK users at their company. This knowledge base is invaluable for any maritime shipping company seeking to get the most out of their collaborative email tools.

Alternatively, a Nordic IT trainer can be deployed to your site to facilitate an optimal onboarding experience. Our trainers will do this when your company undergoes new developments and you acquire many users simultaneously. Typically, however, training is carried out when first going live with the system at the beginning of the onboarding process.

Excellent Support & Expertise from Our Skilled Team

At Nordic IT, our support team is always available to provide customers with the best service and expertise. Our staff of experienced technicians has the tools needed to train and assist customers at any level while quickly providing answers to common questions and helping customers continue to use our email collaboration tools effectively. 

Our customer service extends beyond basic assistance; we are happy to offer additional training sessions for users who want to explore more advanced features. We know no two customers are exactly alike, so we aim to customize our customer service accordingly. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user, the Nordic IT team will be there every step to help you realize reMARK’s full potential.

Nordic IT: Your Go-To Source for reMARK Support & Training

When it comes to using your email collaboration tools efficiently, the Nordic IT team is here to provide you with unrivaled service and training. Our Learning Center gives customers an edge when it comes to getting started quickly, while our experienced support staff offers personalized assistance. Plus, our team sends out a monthly newsletter to keep customers in the loop about the most recent features and enhancements of reMARK.

Contact us today and see how we can help you leverage reMARK to enhance maritime shipping team collaboration across the board. Or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our learning. 

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