Collaborative Email for Smarter Shipping: Reducing Shipping Delays with reMARK

When it comes to maritime shipping, delays are bound to happen. There are a number of other reasons why shipments can be delayed nowadays, especially considering the economic climate and unprecedented supply chain disruptions. While these external factors will continue to impact logistics for shipping companies for the foreseeable future, minimizing the burden is paramount for better shipping outcomes going forward. With collaborative email, you can help to reduce the chances of avoidable delays in your shipping process through better organization of important documents and greater coordination overall. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how collaborative email can help make your shipping process smoother and more efficient.

Why Do Delays in Shipping Occur in the Maritime Industry?

Global shipping disruptions have been the trend over the last two years, and experts contend that this will continue well into next year. Soaring costs for materials and goods, a shrinking labor force, and many other global factors are influencing shipping in the maritime industry – and not for the better.

Despite the current challenges facing the maritime shipping industry, delays have always been an inevitable part of the business. Oftentimes, it can even come down to a lack of efficiency and overall organization. Delays can happen due missing or incorrect documentation, which can often be due to human error. Other common causes include bad weather, port congestion, issues at customs, and strikes. Whatever the case may be, it often leads to disruptions down the supply chain and can lead to serious financial losses for maritime shipping companies.

Because of the turmoil facing the shipping industry, maritime shipping companies need to consider how to best minimize their chances for shipping delays. Improved communication and collaboration across channels when working with important shipping documents can help to achieve just that – while streamlining workflows and creating more efficiency.

How Can Collaborative Email Tools like reMARK Help Reduce Delays in Maritime Shipping?

By definition, collaborative email is a tool that allows users to easily share and manage documents with each other in real-time. This type of email is business critical for maritime shipping companies, and it can help to reduce the chances of delays caused by documentation issues. With collaborative email tools like reMARK, better visibility across channels allows for more proactiveness and closes gaps in communication for better collaboration between users.

reMARK includes features that allow for maritime shipping companies to securely share and manage maritime documents with ease. reMARK’s shared inbox capabilities are especially crucial for better coordination, giving a unified view of emails so teams can keep track of completed actions and stay in the loop. With features such as team overview, users can view any and all relevant actions taken on emails such as who read it, who replied, whether it’s categorized, and where it’s been filed. Even planning communication ahead of time is made easy with reMARK.

Complete with comprehensive and speedy search capabilities, shipping companies can save time and enjoy reMARK’s flexibility with unique filtering functions to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Additionally, default storage settings like automatic archiving ensures all emails are permanently available, and users can even categorize specific maritime documents to keep track of relevant information. With other features such as the ability to collaborate on email threads, users can leave internal notes, view who has taken an action on an email, as well as assign tasks to your team, maritime shipping companies can take full advantage with reMARK’s collaborative email capabilities to reduce delays. 

Why reMARK with Nordic IT?

With reMARK, maritime shipping companies can increase visibility in communications and dramatically improve collaboration to avoid potential delays that could happen due to poor alignment amongst employees and teams. If you’re looking for a collaborative email solution that will help your maritime shipping company reduce the chances of delays, reMARK is the answer. Our experts at Nordic IT have created this software specifically with maritime shipping companies’ needs in mind, and we’re confident that it can make a big difference in the efficiency of your business. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how reMARK can benefit your maritime shipping company. 

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