reMARK’s Mobile App: The Best Solution for Maritime Shipping Companies’ On-The-Go

Collaborative email is a must for maritime shipping companies. They need to be able to access important information quickly and easily, regardless of their location. reMARK’s mobile app was created with this exact need in mind. It includes all of the favorite and most utilized features of maritime shipping companies, such as our search feature, folders, shared inboxes, as well as your entire database of emails. In this blog post, we will discuss the best features of reMARK’s mobile app, maritime shipping companies that have seen great benefits from it, and why this mobile app is the best option for collaborative email for maritime shipping companies.

Collaborative Email at Your Fingertips

Maritime shipping companies rely heavily on collaborative email to communicate with clients, customers, and partners. It is essential that they are able to access crucial information quickly and easily, and the ability to do so while working away from your desktop computer has become more important than ever. With reMARK’s mobile app, you can have all of your collaborative email needs on-the-go whenever, wherever.

Installing reMARK on your phone is incredibly simple – all you have to do is download it from the App Store or Play store, and proceed to login using an IP address or your user credentials. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll have immediate access to all your folders and inboxes as well as many of reMARK’s signature features, all packed into one sleek mobile display.

How This Maritime Shipping Company Got the Most Out of reMARK’s Mobile App

Nordic IT is proud to have worked with some of the most qualified maritime shipping companies in the industry. One international maritime logistic conglomerate in particular, has found great success in using reMARK’s mobile app to its fullest potential. Wagenborg Shipping is an international company whose operations include ports and terminals, offshore services, as well as shipping. Based in Holland, Wagenborg’s reach spans well across Europe, the Americas, as well as the Far East. With approximately 2,000 employees working across various departments and a volume of nearly 4,000 emails a day, Wagenborg is a great example of how collaborative email can be used on a large scale to effectively manage maritime operations.

After moving from Microsoft Outlook and Exchange to reMARK  Wagenborg’s team found that  they could not only manage their inboxes far more easily, but they were also able to work offline and still access and send emails with the reMARK mobile app. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wagenborg employees were frequently traveling, and they found that they were using the mobile app daily. Giving the Wagenborg team the ability to access their inbox from any mobile device anywhere at any time was ideal for the team to maintain connectivity and productivity while on the move.

Stay in Touch On-the-Go with reMARK’s Collaborative Email App

There are plenty of ways that reMARK’s users have utilized the app to their ultimate advantage, including using the keyboard cover for longer flights, which enables you to quickly answer emails even while you’re offline. To do so, simply select the folders folders and inboxes you work with most frequently, and cache emails on your mobile device. From there, reMARK will actively sync new emails so that you have access to the most recent data, right up until the moment you go offline.

The mobile app’s search feature allows users to sift through the entire database of emails, just as quickly as they would with the desktop version. No longer are users limited to only a few weeks of emails, with the entire cache of emails being available as you need them. With the mobile app’s template feature, users can use the very same templates they use with the desktop version for greater efficiency when responding to important emails.

For mailing lists, sending circulars to hundreds of addresses from your mobile device will look as though it was sent directly from your computer, just as quickly and easily. Now, maritime shipping companies can now manage their inbox on-the-go as effectively as they would if they were at their desk.

Why Go Mobile with reMARK?

If you’re looking for a mobile collaborative email app that is just as productive and easy to use as your desktop version, reMARK is the answer. Our app has all the features you need to get things done including our innovative search function, access to all your folders and inboxes, and even your entire email database. With reMARK, you’ll be able to stay connected and productive no matter where the maritime shipping life takes you. Ready to try it out? Download our app now from the App Store or Google Play.

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