How To Know If Your Maritime Shipping Company Needs a New Email Platform

The maritime shipping industry operates at a fast pace, requiring precision, efficiency, and effective communication. Email plays an integral role in managing tasks such as cargo, coordination, and logistics. But how can you determine if your email platform is a sailing vessel or an anchor dragging your operations down? Let’s review some key signs to find out. 

1. No File Structure 

Email clutter and chaotic file arrangement can cause considerable delays in maritime shipping operations. This can lead to disorganization, resulting in work overlaps, miscommunication, and missed deadlines. A proper email filing system should contain a well-defined folder structure and easy search options, allowing you to find and organize essential information quickly. 

Moreover, the best email filing system will enable users to create custom folders and automatically file emails, on top of tagging emails for easy sorting. This way, important information such as voyage details, cargo manifests, and port schedules can be easily accessed by the relevant team members.

2. Difficulty Finding Emails 

Specific tasks can become exponentially more difficult when you’re unable to retrieve older emails. Insufficient storage space may be causing this bottleneck, indicating that your email platform may be due for an upgrade. Essential emails should be easily identifiable and accessible within your system, regardless of how long they’ve been in the system. The optimal email platform for your maritime shipping operations should be capable of pinpointing the exact email you need, irrespective of its age or quantity, in turn allowing you to answer emails faster. 

3. Endless Email Threads

Liaising with port authorities or brokers and communicating across time zones can give rise to excessively long email threads. These lengthy correspondences frequently bury crucial tasks and updates under their weight, making your job more challenging. 

The solution lies in an advanced email platform that integrates features allowing for precise tagging of ongoing tasks within these threads. Collaborative email software features like comments and the ability to access and view entire email threads can help streamline workflow and ensure all necessary parties are on the same page.

4. Lack of Project Management Features

Effective internal communication is crucial, and with the correct email collaboration software, it’s possible to have a centralized platform that streamlines project management. An email platform with project management features such as to-do lists, deadline management, comment functions on email threads, and customized views can significantly improve collaboration and coordination within your maritime shipping company. As a result, maritime shippers can streamline communication, make tasks easily trackable, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

5. Lack of Storage for High Volume of Emails 

Just like a cargo ship, your email system has a storage limit, and dealing with data-heavy emails from various stakeholders requires significant capacity. As your company grows, so does the need for scalable storage solutions that maintain performance speeds. To avoid reaching your storage limit, it’s vital to choose an email platform with optimized storage options and extensive capacity, ensuring smooth communication regardless of email volume.

Nordic IT: The Preferred Email Collaboration Software for Shippers

Maritime shipping companies grappling with disorganization, email retrieval challenges, overwhelming threads, inadequate project management capabilities, or limited storage constraints can benefit greatly from upgrading to Nordic IT’s highly recommended email client, reMARK. Upon making your transition, our email collaboration software can transform your daily operations and email communication, positioning you ahead of competitors in the industry.

Enhance your communication efficiency, storage capabilities, and overall project management with collaborative email software like reMARK. Contact Nordic IT to learn more and steer your company towards calmer and more productive seas.

How Nordic IT Helped JoinOcean Cut Costs & Drive Email Productivity 

JoinOcean, a prominent ship broker company in China, serves as a prime example of a shipping company that successfully implemented collaborative email software. By partnering with Nordic IT, they seamlessly integrated reMARK into their operations, resulting in enhanced employee productivity.

Throughout the process, we closely collaborated with JoinOcean’s team, providing comprehensive demos, training, and the necessary knowledge to operate reMARK seamlessly. Moreover, we equipped their IT team with the requisite skills to give internal support to other users. 

With our collaborative email solution, JoinOcean was able to consolidate its email server into a single server while efficiently managing high volumes of emails. This not only improved employee productivity but also generated substantial cost savings for the company.

Stay on Top of Email & Save Time with Email Collaboration

Why can’t you afford to wait another year for our email software? To start, the time savings provided by reMARK are nearly immediate.

As the number of emails continues to grow, it becomes crucial to establish an optimized structure and efficient workflows earlier on. This proactive approach ensures that your team can answer emails faster, avoid email overload, and attain greater productivity levels.  

Contact Nordic IT to Streamline Email Collaboration in 2024 & Beyond

When you’re aware that there are more efficient alternatives available, why wait any longer? Nordic IT has the email solution your business needs to stay ahead of the communication curve and drive productivity while reducing costs. An investment in your email system will streamline communication, boost productivity, and result in significant cost savings. Delaying this decision means losing valuable time and money. So, take action now and reap the benefits in 2024 and beyond.

Start your journey towards improving your email management today. Reach out to Nordic IT to schedule a demo or learn more about reMARK’s email collaboration software.

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