How Maritime Shipping Companies Communicate Across Time Zones

In today’s globalized economy, maritime shipping companies increasingly rely on email communication to keep their operations running smoothly. However, email can be a tricky medium for collaboration, primarily when team members are located in different time zones.

This is where reMARK makes a significant difference. reMARK contains an array of shared email inbox tools that allow teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively than ever. With reMARK, maritime shipping companies can easily stay in touch with their colleagues worldwide.

Global Email Communication for Maritime Shipping Companies

Maritime shipping companies operate on a global scale, with teams spread out across numerous countries and time zones. This can make email communication tricky, as conversations or tasks can easily get lost in translation or forgotten altogether due to mismatched schedules.

Email communication workflows require organization and structure to be successful globally, but with generic email platforms, this can be difficult to achieve. That’s why reMARK is a valuable tool for communication and collaboration between team members across the globe.

How reMARK Streamlines Email Collaboration for Teams Worldwide

With reMARK, maritime shipping companies can manage their email communication in an organized fashion—allowing them to focus on the work at hand. By deduplicating emails, the information teams need will always be available. This is regardless of users looking at emails in the inbox or in a folder it has been filed to.

Moreover, the team features make it possible to track what work has been done by colleagues when viewing an email. Seeing who has read, replied, filed or categorized an email simplifies teams working and collaborating despite not sitting right next to each other. And with reMARK’s to-do list feature, users are enabled to share notes related to a specific email with one or several of their colleagues. This tracking and notifications work across all time zones to give teams the information they need in real-time. 

DryLog Shipping Leverages Email Collaboration Tools for Improved Communication

Nordic IT’s customer, DryLog Ltd., uses reMARK gateway to access the same data from multiple locations and time zones, including London, Athens, and Singapore. reMARK makes this possible without needing VDIs like Citrix or Remote Desktop. 

More and more reMARK users are seeing the advantages of adopting a collaborative email tool made for the maritime shipping industry. As such, DryLog Ltd. is an excellent example of how organizations can leverage reMARK’s powerful email collaboration tools to gain an edge in the global market.

Nordic IT: Innovators in Global Maritime Email Communication

Nordic IT’s email collaboration platform, reMARK, has helped many customers with locations and time zones scattered across the globe. Maritime shipping companies, like DryLog Shipping have benefited dramatically from reMARK’s powerful tools and features that help teams stay organized and informed no matter where their colleagues are.

At Nordic IT, we understand the need for effective communication across time zones in globalized markets. That’s why we created reMARK—to simplify email communication and collaboration for teams worldwide.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how reMARK can help your maritime shipping team collaborate and communicate efficiently and effectively.

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