How To Leverage Email Templates

Email correspondence has become essential to one’s everyday routine, especially in businesses. A shared inbox can become cluttered as everyone wants to manage multiple emails simultaneously. However, email templates can make email communication easier and far more efficient when performing daily tasks. 

reMARK, our robust email collaboration software, offers a template feature that saves time and improves the quality of emails. Let’s delve deeper into how to leverage reMARK’s templates feature.

What Are Email Templates?

Email templates are predefined messages that can be used to quickly respond to common email scenarios. These templates can be used to send out standard emails that serve the same purpose. This can be anything from sending out a vessel’s description to following up on correspondence. Having these templates at your disposal saves time and ensures consistent messaging and outreach.

The Benefits of reMARK’s Email Templates

Using reMARK’s templates feature has many benefits for maritime shipping businesses, including:

  1. Create Consistency in Branding: ensure professionalism through consistent messaging with shared templates.
  2. Answer Emails Faster: follow-up emails can be quickly composed and sent without the need to start from scratch. 
  3. Improve Accuracy: templates reduce the risk of spelling or grammatical errors since they are pre-written.
  4. Mobile Templates Available: our templates are even available on mobile, making them accessible anywhere. 
  5. Support HTML Formatting: layout and formatting of emails can be limited and cumbersome, but templates with reMARK streamline that process by supporting HTML. 

How to Create Email Templates

Creating email templates in reMARK is a straightforward process, merely requiring a few steps:

  1. Click on the “tools” tab and select “view templates.” 
  2. Next, click on the “create new” button and enter your template content. 
  3. Once you have created your email template, it can be saved and used repeatedly for future emails.

Types of Email Templates

Email templates can be divided into three types: Personal, Department, and Company. These templates can be created and shared with specific individuals, departments, or the entire company. All template types allow for easy customization, targeted messaging, and time savings

Personal Templates 

Personal templates are perfect for anyone who sends a lot of the same types of emails. Common personal templates include a standard email signature, branding, and meeting invitations. These templates are specific to the individual and can streamline the email composition process.

Departmental Templates

Department templates are commonly used for forms, general information, or common scenarios that may arise within a specific department. These templates can be edited by designated users within the department and used by others in the same department.

Company Templates

Like department templates, company templates are often used for important forms or information that multiple departments may need. These templates are usually managed and edited by a few designated users with appropriate permissions. The rest of the department can then access and use these templates as needed.

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Incorporating reMARK’s email templates into your daily workflow can significantly enhance your business communication. By offering a range of templates that cater to individual, departmental, and company-wide needs, reMARK ensures that your brand’s messaging remains consistent, accurate, and efficient. As a result, email management will become more efficient and professional, leading to increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

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