Time-Saving Email Features That Make a Real Difference

The maritime industry is subject to constant and rapid change, from new regulations to the ever-changing state of world events. As such, businesses within this sector must be able to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Fortunately, introducing business technology designed to improve fleet operations and decision-making is helping maritime companies keep up with the pace. As a matter of fact, a recent report states that business technology designed to improve fleet operations and decision-making is expected to reach $1.89 billion by 2027. 

One such tool is reMARK, a collaborative email solution designed specifically for maritime shipping companies. reMARK is responsible for measurable time savings for various shipping companies within the maritime sector. This is because reMARK enhances team communication and collaboration through various advanced features and functionalities. 

It is no surprise that better collaboration amongst teams has contributed to better shipping outcomes, especially considering the industry’s dynamic nature. One expert states, “One trend we expect to see come to the forefront in 2023 is increased collaboration across the industry. 2022 was a year of extreme transformation and increased complexities.”

The benefits of time-saving tools such as reMARK cannot be understated. This advanced maritime technology helps save significant time by streamlining communication, enabling more efficient collaboration between members of staff and better management of processes across multiple systems. 

The time savings highlighted in this blog are based on customer case studies, on-site meetings and feedback shared with our team. It is also important to note that each organization’s time saving is different depending on their workflow, previous email system and team members. Read more to see how some of our customers are saving time with specific email features.

Search Function: Over an Hour Saved Daily 

reMARK’s search function is a revolutionary tool for maritime shipping businesses, eliminating the need for inefficient and time-consuming manual searches. It can save up to 90 minutes daily thanks to its advanced search capabilities that allow searches through immense amounts of data within seconds. 

The email platform also offers an efficient approach to routing correspondence, with all parties involved having access to the same information. This way, tasks and projects are always kept up-to-date, and the coordination of tasks and emails is drastically improved. 

By adding reMARK’s search functionality as part of their shipping operations, companies stand to save valuable time on mundane tasks, which can be better spent on achieving growth objectives or providing customers with better service. In addition, the absence of errors resulting from manual searches ensures the accuracy of documents and improves overall business efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits of reMARK Search:

  • User-friendly boolean search functionality
  • Improved search speeds
  • Ability to find and pull up emails as fast as you can type
  • Prioritize the most important emails first
  • Find emails from years ago
  • Rich selection of criteria which enables fast retrieval of emails related to ships, customers, voyages, fixtures, etc.

Categories by reMARK: Up to 90 Minutes Saved Daily 

Categories by reMARK can help shipping companies save up to 90 minutes a day managing their emails. reMARK’s unique categorization system allows users to label each email with a specific keyword, making it easier to find what they need when they need it. With the ability to customize categories and apply filters, businesses can quickly and efficiently sort through emails, eliminating wasted time searching for the ones they need. 

Additionally, users can narrow down or broaden the filters according to their preferences, allowing for even more accurate search retrieval. Because of this increased efficiency in email management, businesses can spend less time sifting through emails and more time focusing on other tasks that require their attention.

Key Features & Benefits of reMARK Categories:

  • Ability to make an unlimited number of categories.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Helps prioritizing relevant emails .
  • Easily assign team members for additional transparency.
  • Can be used to track what the email is about.
  • Use views and search filters to segment what you are looking for.

Templates by reMARK: Over An Hour Saved a Day

Templates by reMARK are revolutionizing the way shipping companies communicate with their customers. With templates, each email is crafted to contain all the necessary information, eliminating any confusion or misunderstanding. This process also saves users up to 90 minutes a day of tedious work they would have otherwise needed to do manually. 

By streamlining communication processes, reMARK allows companies to improve accuracy and save resources without compromising quality. Templates make it easier for new users to learn how to format emails properly, reduce onboarding time and ensure that employees use the same standard communication platform. Companies that choose reMARK can rest assured knowing this powerful tool will ensure their communication outreach is efficient and effective.

Key Features & Benefits of reMARK Templates:

  • Quickly and easily send out information without starting from scratch each time.
  • Templates can be used for personalized signatures and phrases or texts that you regularly include in your email.
  • It can be used for form fills or for gathering information related to a department or within your shipping company.
  • Help you streamline your communications and boost your productivity levels.
  • Personalize signatures based on inbox and type of email.
  • Also available on mobile devices.

Smart Folders by reMARK: Up to 90 Minutes Saved

reMARK’s Smart Folders can save up to 90 minutes a day that would otherwise be spent manually organizing emails, files, and other digital documents. With reMARK, users can quickly and easily set up folders that will automatically file relevant data.

This improved organization allows more efficient use of time as users can immediately access critical emails. Furthermore, Smart Folders are perfect for teams with out-of-office employees, as the system can send notifications to highlight only the most user-specific topics. 

This automated tool streamlines the retrieval of mission-critical data without worrying about sorting through a high volume of emails. Whether for personal use or within a team, reMARK’s Smart Folders simplify organizing digital documents, saving tremendous time and effort.

Key Features & Benefits of reMARK Smart Folders:

  • Create unlimited folders with unlimited criteria to file automatically.
  • Make sure emails are filed in a streamlined way.
  • Save time on manual filing.
  • Popularly used to filter important emails and generate notifications based on this.

Troubleshooting & Training with reMARK: 30 – 90 Minutes Saved a Day

With reMARK, maritime shipping companies have saved up to an hour and a half daily on troubleshooting. As an email solution designed to work at a high email volume capacity, it eliminates the need to diagnose and fix inefficiencies. Now, staff are no longer frustrated with having to spend excessive amounts of time trying to resolve technical issues. 

Furthermore, maritime shipping companies can set new employees up for long-term success as reMARK’s easy onboarding and intuitive features reduce training time. Features such as Templates and Team Overview give an all encompassing view of each action item that must be taken. The learning curve with reMARK is minimal, and trainees can get up and running in mere hours. 

Key Benefits of Training

  • New users are quickly onboarded to the user-friendly reMARK system.
  • Book bootcamps to investigate best practices.
  • Makes sure that the rich feature set of reMARK is utilized from the beginning.

Improved Speed & Performance with reMARK: Over an Hour Saved a Day

With reMARK, companies can experience improved speed and performance in their email system – resulting in a staggering 1+ hours saved daily. reMARK streamlines the process of searching for emails that would otherwise be like a needle in a haystack with its intuitive and powerful search function. 

Furthermore, the Smart Folders and filters allow for quick retrieval of emails even when there are thousands to choose from, dramatically reducing the time needed to sort through these messages. reMARK continues to function with exceptional speed even when dealing with high-volume mail traffic, helping reduce system freezes and delays associated with other clunky or slow servers. 

reMARK: Email Collaboration Built with Maritime Shipping Companies in Mind

reMARK is the perfect solution for maritime shipping companies seeking to reduce wasted time, cost, and frustration. With its cutting-edge features, our customers have saved up to 5 – 8 hours daily on manual processes such as searching for emails, sending emails, troubleshooting issues, training, and more. Finally, reMARK’s speed and performance can save over an hour a day – making it the ultimate tool for maritime shipping companies that need high levels of productivity and efficiency.

Nordic IT is dedicated to providing the maritime shipping industry with the best email collaboration solution to improve operational processes. reMARK is an essential tool for streamlining workflows and saving time while allowing staff to focus on business-critical needs. If you’re ready to experience the numerous time-saving benefits of reMARK, get in touch with us to get started today! 

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