How to Answer Emails Faster

In the fast-paced maritime shipping industry, staying on top of emails can make or break a ship broker’s success. Answering emails quickly and effectively is essential to maintaining effective communication with clients, but it can be hard to do amidst an overwhelming slew of emails.

Fortunately for maritime shipping companies, collaborative email solution features provide users with powerful tools to manage their email communications and answer emails faster. Today, we’ll explore how these innovative features help ship brokers respond quickly and efficiently to customers.

Efficient Group Email Management Starts with These 8 Features 

Answering emails promptly is paramount in the maritime shipping industry. Quick response times are important for interdepartmental communication, operational continuity, and even reducing shipping delays. When teams use collaborative email platforms like reMARK, however, users can respond quickly and efficiently to incoming emails like customer inquiries, shipping updates, and chartering information. 

Here are seven reMARK features that will help ship brokers maximize their email workflow and emails quicker than ever:

1. Searchable Email Database

reMARK’s robust email database can retrieve even the oldest emails from previous systems; maritime shipping professionals can swiftly retrieve necessary information. This saves time and ensures seamless operations.

2. Filters & Categories

The filter and category functions give users a view of their inbox with relevant emails so tasks and emails can be prioritized accordingly. This kind of organization and visibility into daily tasks empowers users to take action quickly and effectively.

3. One Unified View 

A unified view of one’s inbox eliminates the need to switch between personal and shared views. Now, users can manage both inboxes simultaneously while keeping pace with their email flows.

4. Short Keys

The fast-paced nature of the maritime shipping industry requires quick thinking and an agile system that supports streamlined communication and task completion. With reMARK’s Short Keys feature, users can quickly navigate the system and reduce response times.

5. Contact Lists

reMARK’s Contacts Module helps users keep their contacts unified and organized, enabling them to manage large volumes of email contacts easily. The Contacts module also allows seamless interaction with the Mailing List and Mail Merge features within reMARK.


Templates are the unsung hero of email efficiency. They save tons of time by allowing users to create pre-crafted emails that can be sent out quickly with just a few clicks. They can be adjusted for personalization or your desired email content, making templates an excellent solution for standard replies and outreach.

7. Mail Merge

The Mail Merge feature within reMARK is excellent for those who need to send out mass emails to their contacts – a particularly daunting task if you don’t have automation tools. With Mail Merge, users can personalize emails, cultivate customer relationships, and, most importantly, save valuable time.

8. Clipboard+ 

With reMARK you can compose emails in separate windows, which makes it easier to gather attachments and copy/paste from various places while not changing the main window view. In addition to this, the Clipboard+ feature allows users to hold multiple copies of text and attachments at the same time, and then paste them into the email editor with just one click. This is especially helpful for charterers and brokers when compiling recaps.

Nordic IT: Offering Powerful Features for Faster Email Management

At Nordic IT, we provide our customers with powerful features and tools to help them streamline their email workflows. Maritime shipping businesses can create a comprehensive and efficient email management system using these seven email communication tools for better operational and customer outcomes. 

Contact our team at Nordic IT today and find out how we can help your maritime shipping company simplify email flows, answer emails faster, and deliver better customer service.

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