Leverage Collaborative Email Features for Enhanced Project Management

Collaboration is essential for project management, so email remains a reliable communication tool in business operations. However, traditional email systems are limited in their functionality, especially when it comes to project management. Fortunately, Nordic IT offers a solution with its reMARK collaborative email features. These features increase communication efficiency, allowing businesses to streamline their project management processes. Let’s explore some of these features in more detail.

Increasing Communication Efficiency with Email Tags & Extra Fields

Email tags are an effective way to categorize emails and help better organize one’s shared inbox. They’re highly customizable and allow users to apply as many tags as necessary to each email manually or automatically. In doing so, users can effectively filter emails based on their content. For instance, you’re looking for a specific email from an email contact. reMARK’s filter row search mechanism allows you to locate it quickly by highlighting the relevant tag, eliminating the need for endless searches through your inbox and saving time.

Moreover, the email tagging system allows users to assign tasks to specific team members. This feature works well with a ‘Completed’ category, indicating when a task is finished. This categorization simplifies the process of tracking which team members are working on which tasks, making it easier to assign tasks and manage projects efficiently.

Finally, reMARK’s Extra Fields feature is an additional free-text field that users can add to an email. Admins can define these fields and customize them according to their needs. Users can use them for various purposes, such as tracking order or invoice numbers, making it easier for team members to find relevant information quickly and maintain progress on projects and email tasks throughout the day.

How To-Do Lists Help Keep Track of Email Tasks

reMARK allows users to create their to-do lists, helping them keep track of emails that need follow-up actions. Users can also share emails with other team members’ to-do lists, making informing team members of essential tasks easy. The tagging system works with rules and permissions, allowing for tailoring according to a business’s unique needs. As an added convenience, there are user-defined short keys that make manual tagging faster.

Email to-do lists are accessible on computers and phones, simplifying task management regardless of location. The reMARK mobile app offers the added convenience of sharing emails with colleagues, even when users are on the go.

Contact Nordic IT and leverage the Best of Collaborative Email with reMARK

reMARK by Nordic IT hosts several collaborative email features that allow businesses to streamline project management processes by increasing communication efficiency. These customizable features make it easy for companies to tailor them to their needs. Contact Nordic IT to learn more about how reMARK can help streamline your project management processes by leveraging advanced collaborative email features.

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