reMARK’s Email Editor: Benefits & Use Cases

The sea of daily emails can be vast and treacherous for maritime professionals. It’s not just about managing the volume of messages; it’s also about maintaining clarity, consistency, and speed in a field where communication delays can lead to significant losses. Fortunately, the reMARK Editor is tailored to address these challenges. Here are some of the benefits and use cases for reMARK’s Editor.

About reMARK’s HTML editor 

The HTML editor introduces exciting new functionalities such as mail merge and template variables. These features enable users to personalize emails using data from the Contacts module, resulting in highly personalized content. The editor is not only fast and feature-rich, but it also ensures consistency in the appearance of emails across different email clients.

This feature contains various email tools that help you:

  • Standardize your communications.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Save time.
  • Streamline email recaps.
  • Personalize a bulk email send.

What is Mail Merge & How Does it Work?

This feature is connected to our mailing list module, allowing you to send personalized circular emails. By using variables based on attention fields or various fields from the contact lists module, each receiver will feel like the email was sent exclusively to them. In fact, reMARK even sends individual emails, displaying the receiver’s address in the “To” field rather than an “undisclosed recipients” message in the “BCC” field. This ensures a high level of personalization and enhances the overall email communication experience.

How to Use Clipboard+ 

Clipboard+ was developed in response to customer feedback. It empowers users to effortlessly create multiple copies of text and attachments, allowing for seamless pasting. This functionality proves invaluable after resolving ship-related issues, enabling swift retrieval of crucial information agreed upon up until that juncture – commonly referred to as recaps.

Copy to New for Concealed Email Forwarding 

An alternative method for forwarding emails is to duplicate the content of the email and place it in a new one. This ensures that any specific metadata associated with the email, which would otherwise allow the recipient to trace its history, is completely removed. This feature is particularly helpful when you need to conceal extensive lists of clients and their email addresses, given the working nature of specific shipping departments that often send numerous emails to BCC addresses. It’s worth noting that this feature is available in both the computer and mobile clients.

Delayed Email Send for Fewer Mistakes 

Delayed email send is a user-specific setting that incorporates a timer for outgoing messages. This feature allows users to cancel sending if they spot a mistake. We’ve all experienced the frustration of addressing the wrong person, forgetting attachments, or sending to the incorrect email address, only to realize it’s too late to rectify. By implementing this function, such situations can be avoided, enhancing the overall user experience.

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reMARK’s Editor Mode is a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the way maritime professionals handle email communication. By improving personalization, enhancing privacy, and reducing the potential for errors, it streamlines workflow and ensures that communication is both practical and efficient. 

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