The Transformation of Shipping Industry Technologies

Shipping industries are facing new challenges and unprecedented demand. This raises the question: how can investing in new technologies improve logistics and how can it boost team communication culture?

There has never been a greater need for more evolved tools and practices than now, especially if they are designed to meet your specific business needs. In this blog, we’ll discuss how the maritime shipping industry has transformed over time, and how investing in new technologies like Nordic IT’s reMARK can help stay ahead of the technological curve.

The History of Maritime Communications

The history of maritime communication dates back to the ancient civilizations who were the first to use vessels to navigate their waterways for trade purposes. Since then, many different methods of communication between ships have been used over the years such as flags, fires, beacons of light, horns and smoke signals.

By the late 1800s, advances in technology enabled radio and telephone to become primary forms of communication for ships at sea. This has significantly improved safety for seafarers, allowing them to communicate with other vessels in a quick and reliable manner as well as receive vital weather updates and messages from port authorities.

Despite the proliferation of various shipping avenues such as air or land, maritime shipping remains one of the most popular methods for international trade. For this reason, the shipping industry relies on increasingly complex technology to keep up with growing demand. However, this technology must meet the very specific needs of a highly evolved industry.

Better Collaboration Amongst Teams Leads To Better Shipping Outcomes

Email is a primary form of communication used by maritime shipping businesses and acts a key component of their communication infrastructure. However, with an industry that’s constantly in flux, it is imperative that businesses invest in an email solution that facilitates better collaboration and communication across the board.

Email collaboration tools like Nordic IT’s reMARK enable better team communication and allow for better synchronization across the board. This results in fewer logistical obstacles, as important information is no longer irretrievable from the email abyss. As such, driving business growth is directly associated with investing in new and comprehensive communication technologies such as a robust email infrastructure such as reMARK’s.

reMARK makes the difference in maritime shipping communications by offering dynamic tools that improve workflows and collaboration amongst team members. This includes:

  • Reduced work overlaps through collaboration on every email thread.
  • Better capacity for data storage and time savings through reMARK’s automated email archive.
  • Improved collaboration as a result of greater visibility into emails and tasks through Team Overview as well as tracking and auditing of team emails.
  • Advanced search capabilities pull up important information right when you need it.

Why reMARK is Leading the Charge in Revolutionary Shipping Industry Technologies 

reMARK is a powerful collaborative email solution that is tailor-made for the shipping industry. It provides features and tools that are essential to improving communication, collaboration and productivity within this hyperniche sector. As technology continues to evolve, reMARK is at the forefront of innovating shipping communications. reMARK is built with collaboration and visibility in mind, and gives shipping businesses all the necessary tools to keep their teams connected and informed on a daily basis.

Interested in learning more  about how reMARK can improve your maritime communication strategies? Contact us today to learn more about how we are revolutionizing shipping industry communications.

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