Webinar Recap: reMARK Updates That Increased Inbox Innovation

In this insightful webinar, Nordic IT’s CEO delves into the novel features and updates introduced in reMARK over the past year. The webinar served as an enlightening platform, charting the trajectory of reMARK’s evolution and setting the stage for what users can expect in the forthcoming 2024 roadmap. From in-depth discussions on the platform’s enhancements to an overview of the latest version releases, this recap provides an essential summary of the key takeaways from the webinar.

Recent reMARK Releases 1.49 – April 2023

With the release of reMARK 1.49 in April 2023, several new features were rolled out to ease the email management process and improve user experience. Among the notable enhancements was the support for multiple gateway systems within a single Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant. 

The update also introduced greater offline functionality, which includes access to last-used addresses, drafts, and templates even without an internet connection, ensuring seamless workflow continuity. Furthermore, support for Windows 11 Snap Layouts was added to optimize screen usage and enhance productivity. 

Two other significant features introduced include the Smart folder to standard folder conversion for easier management and a reply deadline feature. The latter allows users to attach reply deadlines to emails, calculated from the time the email was received. This can be done manually or set up through rules for automation, streamlining email response management. 

reMARK Version 1.51 – August 2023

With this release, reMARK users can now enjoy further enhanced offline capabilities. This latest version includes the ability to save drafts offline and create an email queue that automatically sends emails when users are back online. These features will greatly benefit users who frequently travel or work in areas with limited connectivity. At the same time, we have also developed a robust settings template that can be easily pre-configured by administrators in reMARK cloud and then effortlessly pushed out to users. 

reMARK Version 1.53 – December 2023

reMARK Version 1.53 includes a number of exciting improvements that make it easier and more efficient to personalize and automate communication within the platform. 

One key improvement is the introduction of mail merge and template variables, which enable users to personalize bulk emails using data from the Contacts module. This is now available in the HTML editor, which is newer and more advanced than the previous RTF editor. The HTML editor offers more formatting options and supports better options for copying and pasting formatted data from other applications.

Another major update in reMARK Version 1.53 is the activation of webhooks, which are designed for seamless integration with other systems using the API available within the platform. Users can build integrations that interact with reMARK data, as well as rules that react to any changes within the platform.

Additionally, the Calendar module has been completely rebuilt from scratch, providing a wealth of new features to help users manage their day-to-day schedules and work more effectively within the platform. With the new calendar, users can browse chat and personal inboxes, as well as their daily schedule, all in one place. While the new calendar feature isn’t enabled by default, the Nordic IT team is available to help users get started with it. 

reMARK version 1.55 – Launching This Month

The launch date for reMARK version 1.55 is set for Q1 2024, and our webinar went on to introduce some exciting new features for this release. The HTML editor will now include the Clipboard+ function, allowing users to copy text and attachments from multiple emails before pasting it all into one email with the click of a button. This function will prove incredibly useful for recaps and generally incorporating information from past emails. 

Meanwhile, more features and enhancements were added to offline mode, bringing us closer to a full release later this year.

For a seamless transition to this latest version, our support team is always ready to assist customers with switching or upgrading.

Upcoming reMARK features

In the second half of the webinar, we reviewed some new exciting features coming to reMARK, specifically, the Market Data Module. This new tool will make managing your email information effortless, as it eliminates tedious searches for vessel and cargo positions within emails. We’ll collect all the data points from your email stream and present them to you in one comprehensive view that you can easily organize and filter. Plus, with the ability to see when and where each vessel was opened, you’ll have all the in-depth details you need to take action on the positions you want. 

The Market Data Module is currently under development and is set to launch in early Q2 2024.

New AI Capabilities

We continue to expand the suite of productivity tools in reMARK and are closely following the potential that this type of AI technology holds. We are currently experimenting with the possibility for users to summarize emails, allowing for quick and efficient reading without compromising context. This feature is particularly useful for long email threads or team communication that may get obscured by the constant back and forth.

A related feature that will assist writing longer and more detailed emails, based on a few simple key inputs, is also being tested. In general, we have a lot of ideas on how we can use AI to improve the way our customers interact with email, and will be looking forward to sharing more details later this year.

reMARK Integrations 

For the final part of our webinar, we went over reMARK’s latest integrations, which generally aim to track data across platforms and automate processes based on actions taken in other systems. Our goal is to continue adding integrations so that reMARK can be even more robust and suited for your specific needs. Our existing integrations include:

  • IMOS (VIP & on-premises)
  • Trigonal
  • Q88
  • Gatship
  • Dynamics CRM

reMARK: Raising the Standards of Email Collaboration 

The ongoing advancements in reMARK are designed to deliver an unparalleled email management experience. By integrating with various tools and platforms, we aim to help you streamline email communication and collaboration, making it more efficient and effective. To get the most out of all these new features and functionalities, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of reMARK. Our support team is ready to assist you with implementing these new reMARK features. 

Get in touch with the Nordic IT team today to learn more about the latest reMARK updates and how they can benefit your maritime business. 

How Nordic IT Helped JoinOcean Cut Costs & Drive Email Productivity 

JoinOcean, a prominent ship broker company in China, serves as a prime example of a shipping company that successfully implemented collaborative email software. By partnering with Nordic IT, they seamlessly integrated reMARK into their operations, resulting in enhanced employee productivity.

Throughout the process, we closely collaborated with JoinOcean’s team, providing comprehensive demos, training, and the necessary knowledge to operate reMARK seamlessly. Moreover, we equipped their IT team with the requisite skills to give internal support to other users. 

With our collaborative email solution, JoinOcean was able to consolidate its email server into a single server while efficiently managing high volumes of emails. This not only improved employee productivity but also generated substantial cost savings for the company.

Stay on Top of Email & Save Time with Email Collaboration

Why can’t you afford to wait another year for our email software? To start, the time savings provided by reMARK are nearly immediate.

As the number of emails continues to grow, it becomes crucial to establish an optimized structure and efficient workflows earlier on. This proactive approach ensures that your team can answer emails faster, avoid email overload, and attain greater productivity levels.  

Contact Nordic IT to Streamline Email Collaboration in 2024 & Beyond

When you’re aware that there are more efficient alternatives available, why wait any longer? Nordic IT has the email solution your business needs to stay ahead of the communication curve and drive productivity while reducing costs. An investment in your email system will streamline communication, boost productivity, and result in significant cost savings. Delaying this decision means losing valuable time and money. So, take action now and reap the benefits in 2024 and beyond.

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