8 Key Considerations for Maritime Shipping Companies Evaluating their Email System

In a world where email is integral to business communication, maritime shipping companies must arm themselves with an effective email system that facilitates seamless and collaborative communication. An inefficient or outdated email system not only slows down the speed of business operations but could also put you at a competitive disadvantage. 

To stay ahead of the competition, maritime shipping companies must evaluate their current email system and consider all the aspects, such as team collaboration tools and industry-specific capabilities. This blog will discuss eight key considerations that maritime shipping companies should make when evaluating their email system.

Are You Utilizing Your Email Solution as Effectively as You Could Be?

When evaluating your current email system, it’s essential to assess whether you are utilizing the features of your email solution as effectively as possible. Perhaps you are missing the ability to easily collaborate with team members or have access to all emails in one place. Things like these can substantially impact the speed and efficiency of your business operations.

Here are some key considerations for maritime shipping companies to evaluate their email system and determine if a change in systems is necessary:

  1. What does your daily email volume look like?
  2. How fast is the system?
  3. How easy is it to find specific emails?
  4. How organized is your email inbox?
  5. Does your solution allow for seamless collaboration?
  6. Does your solution allow for visibility into your colleague’s activities?
  7. How easy is it to prioritize your day?
  8. Can you reduce the number of emails you have to read? 

An Inefficient Email Solution Impacts Everything From Operations to Customer Service

A slow and inefficient email system adversely impacts employees’ productivity and can lead to missed opportunities, unsatisfied customers, and even shipping delays. Moreover, a poorly managed email system can affect team collaboration and communication with customers, vendors, and third parties.

If disorganization, a lack of visibility, and interdepartmental silos plague your maritime shipping organization, it may be time to consider transitioning to a better email system. Doing so may improve efficiency and help you remain competitive in the long run.

The Most Effective Email Collaboration Tools Allow for Efficiency & Productivity 

When evaluating your email solution’s effectiveness, collaboration and productivity are two key factors that cannot be ignored. As such, you should be regularly assessing the features and capabilities of your existing email solution to ensure that it’s still a fit for your shipping company’s operations. Should you find that your current solution doesn’t provide the necessary features, capabilities, and benefits upon evaluation, switching to an email solution that is more in line with your business needs is the next logical step. 

Here are just a few improvements that your shipping company will observe when investing in an effective collaborative email solution:

  • Time savings.
  • Greater collaboration amongst team members.
  • Employee satisfaction with processes and tools
  • An easier time prioritizing emails & tasks. 

reMARK by Nordic IT: Maritime Shipping Companies’ Go-To Email Solution

reMARK, powered by Nordic IT, is an innovative email solution for maritime shipping companies. reMARK allows users to prioritize emails, easily collaborate on tasks, create custom email filters, switch between inboxes, and even quickly retrieve the oldest emails in your system using its robust search capabilities. With reMARK, maritime shipping companies have an email solution specifically tailored to their needs, allowing for improved efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Do you need a more collaborative email system for your maritime shipping company? reMARK by Nordic IT offers the perfect email solution. Contact the Nordic IT team for a demo today.

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