Breaking Down Interdepartmental Communication Silos With Maritime Email

The maritime shipping industry can be complex. Clear communication is essential when multiple departments work together to ensure smooth operation and timely shipping outcomes. When teams are working in silos, however, collaboration and organizational performance can suffer.

reMARK breaks down interdepartmental communication silos and ensures everyone is on the same page. This post will discuss the key functions and features of reMARK that make it a powerful asset for any maritime shipping company seeking to improve interdepartmental communication.

Streamlining Marine Communications by Department

reMARK facilitates and improves interdepartmental communication by sharing details surrounding actions taken by colleagues in a simple per-email overview. This includes who has replied to the email, where it has been filed, how it was tagged, and who has read it. As a result, team members across departments can quickly understand the progress made by colleagues, keep track of tasks, and determine who is taking what action. 

Suppose your colleague in another department needs your assistance. A comment can quickly be posted in the internal comments section, allowing for quick and easy communication without leaving the system or sending out a separate email. Moreover, emails can be easily exchanged with colleagues and departments through reMARK’s convenient to-do list feature and in the internal comment section attached to each email.

The ability to create a view within reMARK using the Search Folder feature also enables the segmenting of emails and visibility regarding who has taken care of what. This lets each user get a quick overview of what needs to be prioritized. reMARK’s Search Folder and Categories functions can accomplish this and much more.

Maritime Departments That Rely On Collaborative Email Communication

reMARK is a valuable tool for any maritime shipping company that relies heavily on email communication – especially when working in shared inboxes. Our email platform contains various features integral to operations among many different departments in the companies we work with. This includes:

The Operations Department

reMARK’s filing tools, such as Smart Folders, allow for automatic filing of emails to each vessel and their voyages. This reduces manual filing significantly and helps colleagues to quickly locate emails and associated data.

The Management Department

reMARK enables users to see what is being worked on and what has yet to be handled through the Search Folders and Team Overview feature. Now, management can easily view the progress of tasks while keeping track of each email correspondence.

The Chartering Department

The chartering department often reads all emails, so the efficient search tools within reMARK is essential to their daily tasks. Moreover, they can easily manage and add specific email addresses to their personal Smart Folder, which, together with notifications, helps ensure that important emails gets attention immediately. Finally, reMARK’s speed and stability are crucial for this department, as they often need to act quickly on emails that come in.

The Top Email Collaboration Features for Internal Communication

Internal communication within maritime shipping companies requires an agile collaborative email platform with features to enhance interdepartmental collaboration. reMARK provides many features that promote this between different departments, including:

To-Do List

This feature enables reMARK users to add an email to another user’s to-do list and attach a comment they can see and take action on.

Email Comments

With this feature, users can quickly comment on emails and share the latest information relevant to the case. Everyone with access to the email will see the comment, but with @-mention you can also notify someone specifically.

reMARK: Streamlining Your Ship Communication System

Seamless collaboration in the maritime shipping industry is essential to keep ships running smoothly and efficiently. With reMARK, you can lower communication costs, improve operating visibility, and increase productivity. Streamlining your ship’s communication system with reMARK will help you manage complex operations more efficiently while providing a stable and agile email collaboration platform for interdepartmental communication.

Contact Nordic IT today to learn more about reMARK’s features and how it can help streamline your ship’s communication system. 

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