reMARK Webinar Recap: Amp Up Your reMARK Experience

This past month, Nordic IT hosted our latest webinar, “Amp Up Your reMARK Experience.” 

Hosted by Andy Neo, the General Manager of Nordic IT Singapore, and Martin Hvass Morup, the CEO of Nordic IT, our webinar covered the latest version of our collaborative email software reMARK, including its new features & announcements. They also did a walkthrough of our roadmap for the rest of this year, outlining the exciting features to look forward to in the coming months. Here, we’ll recap our latest webinar and discuss the latest and greatest in the reMARK collaborative email platform.  

Reviewing reMARK’s Last Major Version Releases: 1.47 & 1.49

Nordic IT strives to meet the changing needs of our customers with each new release we put out. To ensure that our updates meet the needs and preferences of our users, we rely on their feedback to make each new version better than the last.

This portion of our webinar reviews some exciting features from our last major releases, reMARK versions 1.47 and 1.49. Here, we provide a more detailed overview of the features and practical applications for users. 

The Ability to Set Default Templates Per Line

One of the most exciting features of reMARK 1.47 is the ability to set default templates per line. This feature allows users to set up default settings for specific templates that will be applied automatically to different mailboxes, including varying signatures.

New Calendar Module integrated with Office 365

Another exciting feature of reMARK 1.49 is the new calendar module, which can now be integrated with Office 365. This integration allows customers to synchronize their calendars across all devices, including mobile phones, CRM, and ERP systems.

Users can stay in reMARK and continue their workflow while viewing the Office 365 calendar, allowing them to join MS Teams meetings, book meetings, and more. 

@- Mentions in the Comments

In reMARK 1.47, we introduced a new feature that allows team members to mention each other in the comments section. By using the @ sign followed by the team member’s name, users can draw attention to a specific email and ensure that their comment is noticed.

SLA Countdown for Emails

The SLA Countdown feature in reMARK 1.49 allows teams to track when they need to reply to a certain party. Users can click on any email to set the reply deadline and desired time in minutes or hours. The countdown is then calculated from when the email is received, ensuring no deadlines are missed. Users can also use Rules to assign these deadlines, making it easy to stay on top of important tasks with minimal effort.

Ability to Fill Newly Created Smart Folder with Emails

In reMARK 1.49, we enhanced the Smart Folders feature by allowing users to fill newly created Smart Folders with emails that match their desired criteria. Users can create folders based on specific keywords, dates, or conditions, and all emails that match the email criteria will automatically be added to the folder.

Amping up reMARK with Version Release 1.51

Nordic IT’s team initializes new features to ensure they are up and running properly. From there, we’ll build a beta version of the features for customers to use and obtain feedback on. Any of our valued customers can do this if they want to get set up with our beta versions for new releases. 

Version 1.51 has Two Main Features:

Greater Offline Capabilities

With this feature, users can save drafts offline and send emails for queuing even without an internet connection. Once you reconnect, these emails are automatically sent out, ensuring you never miss out on sending important messages. Currently, we are working to make it possible for users to start reMARK without the need for connectivity, making it a perfect solution for those on the go.

Settings Templates

In reMARK, users have different workflows and, thus, may need different settings to navigate the platform seamlessly. With settings templates, admins can now assign a set of settings to groups of users, so when they start up, reMARK will be ready for them to immediately begin working. This feature has been a long-standing request from our customers, and with its inclusion, we are confident it will enhance productivity and simplify the workflow.

Next reMARK releases 1.53 & 1.55 

The next reMARK releases, 1.53 and 1.55, are hotly anticipated by our users, and we couldn’t be prouder of the new features and improvements we’ve been able to pack in. 

The updated HTML editor is one of the biggest changes to look forward to in reMARK 1.53. This modern version will allow for a better editing experience and a more streamlined workflow, resulting in more efficient email creation. Additionally, we are including a mail merge feature, which will allow users to personalize their emails more efficiently than ever.

Another exciting addition to reMARK 1.53 is the activation of webhooks, which allows for seamless integrations with third-party vendors. This extension of the rules module will enable users to automate certain actions based on triggers, such as setting a specific task or sending an email.

We’ve also significantly improved calendar functionality in reMARK 1.53, utilizing customer feedback to create a more feature-complete and user-friendly experience. While the current version is in preview, we encourage our users to try it out and provide us with any further feedback.

Moving on to reMARK 1.55, we will be thrilled to offer the ability for users to mark emails as completed. This feature will allow for even more customization and workflow automation, enabling our users to tailor their email management to best suit their needs.

Furthermore, we’re introducing Clipboard+ to the HTML editor in reMARK 1.55. This addition will further enhance the editing experience for users. 

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The Nordic IT team is dedicated to continuously improving the reMARK platform for our valued customers. Never hesitate to contact our team with any feedback or ideas for improvements – our team is always listening. Watch the full webinar recording or contact the Nordic IT team today! 

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